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Hefei Wen, Ph.D.

Concepts (115)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Medicaid19202125163.310 Why?
Buprenorphine420205251.830 Why?
Analgesics, Opioid9202130801.470 Why?
Opioid-Related Disorders7202117141.370 Why?
Cannabis320212931.190 Why?
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act7202011491.160 Why?
Narcotic Antagonists320205321.130 Why?
Marijuana Smoking220192471.030 Why?
Health Services Accessibility11202048570.940 Why?
Insurance, Health5202124510.840 Why?
Opiate Substitution Treatment320203320.830 Why?
Substance-Related Disorders8202041010.790 Why?
Hospitalization8202193360.770 Why?
Substance Abuse Treatment Centers320161760.740 Why?
Mental Health Services2201915660.690 Why?
Insurance Coverage3201918000.640 Why?
Legislation, Drug120182300.580 Why?
Social Perception120194090.560 Why?
United States352021654030.550 Why?
Communicable Disease Control120207550.510 Why?
Drug Utilization2201712180.500 Why?
Workplace120198360.470 Why?
Employment1201910660.460 Why?
Medicare9202152760.450 Why?
Drug Monitoring120179280.410 Why?
Psychiatry2201915500.410 Why?
Specialization320207800.410 Why?
Mental Disorders3201963180.370 Why?
Health Expenditures2201821520.330 Why?
Medically Uninsured420208580.330 Why?
Rural Population5202120360.330 Why?
Drug Prescriptions1201616360.310 Why?
Eligibility Determination220163670.240 Why?
Alcohol Drinking1201537830.230 Why?
Physicians1201941110.230 Why?
Emergency Service, Hospital5202171730.220 Why?
Humans3820216858840.210 Why?
Mental Health1201323910.210 Why?
Self-Help Groups220202010.200 Why?
Community Mental Health Services220133930.190 Why?
Databases, Factual3201975650.180 Why?
Methadone120202700.170 Why?
Health Policy3202025750.170 Why?
Health Facilities, Proprietary12016370.160 Why?
Health Care Costs2202030980.150 Why?
Risk Adjustment120195830.150 Why?
Adult1320212078470.150 Why?
Geriatrics120193690.140 Why?
Policy Making120195290.140 Why?
Marijuana Abuse120193790.140 Why?
State Government120183690.140 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies52019219450.140 Why?
Male1720213452990.140 Why?
United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration12013200.130 Why?
Office Visits120196230.130 Why?
Physicians, Primary Care120195570.120 Why?
Disabled Persons1202111040.110 Why?
Female1620203687810.110 Why?
Primary Health Care5202143820.110 Why?
Health Care Surveys1201924820.110 Why?
Prescription Drugs120175770.100 Why?
Chronic Disease3201988180.100 Why?
Activities of Daily Living1201822310.090 Why?
Inpatients1201920910.090 Why?
Drug Costs1201611380.090 Why?
Mortality1201927180.090 Why?
Risk Assessment22020231520.080 Why?
Health Services Research1201518210.080 Why?
Poverty2201524630.080 Why?
Young Adult62021546460.080 Why?
Alcoholism2201317910.070 Why?
Ambulatory Care3202127280.070 Why?
Socioeconomic Factors2201575490.070 Why?
Health Care Reform1201312460.060 Why?
Self Report1201532960.060 Why?
Adolescent62019834610.060 Why?
African Americans2201651050.060 Why?
Health Surveys1201339760.060 Why?
Pandemics1202162000.060 Why?
Cognition1201856870.060 Why?
Middle Aged820212117470.050 Why?
Sex Factors12015105900.050 Why?
Retrospective Studies52020680430.050 Why?
Federal Government120212590.050 Why?
Age Factors12015187690.040 Why?
Risk Factors22020686780.040 Why?
Aged820211594750.040 Why?
Depressive Disorder, Major1201343220.040 Why?
Smoking1201388330.040 Why?
Frail Elderly120205870.040 Why?
Insurance Claim Review120207400.030 Why?
Public Sector120162640.030 Why?
Ownership120163020.030 Why?
Topography, Medical12013360.030 Why?
Fee-for-Service Plans120186330.030 Why?
Child32015716170.030 Why?
Geriatric Assessment1202012750.030 Why?
Urban Population1202020050.030 Why?
Stereotyping120132320.030 Why?
Aged, 80 and over32020577780.020 Why?
School Health Services120133540.020 Why?
Quality Assurance, Health Care1201922620.020 Why?
Acute Disease1201971070.020 Why?
Critical Care1202124170.020 Why?
Logistic Models22013134160.020 Why?
Probability1201124720.020 Why?
Outpatients1201312750.020 Why?
Neuropsychological Tests1201867870.020 Why?
Data Collection1201332360.020 Why?
Prevalence12019144080.010 Why?
Severity of Illness Index12020158810.010 Why?
Health Status Disparities1201316830.010 Why?
Depression1201968410.010 Why?
Alzheimer Disease1201968240.010 Why?
Cohort Studies12020385480.010 Why?
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