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Sheng Tony Hui, Ph.D.

Concepts (60)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Lactic Acid3202011200.970 Why?
Citric Acid Cycle320202280.780 Why?
Glycerol120202760.700 Why?
Glucose3202043800.650 Why?
Fatty Acids2202018120.450 Why?
Triglycerides1202025370.420 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial1201511200.330 Why?
Escherichia coli2201542550.270 Why?
Proteomics2201535660.220 Why?
Bacterial Proteins1201538690.200 Why?
Carboxylic Acids12018990.150 Why?
Amino Acids, Branched-Chain120182490.140 Why?
Fructose120182890.140 Why?
Proteome2201517770.130 Why?
Fasting2201915940.130 Why?
Glutamine120175750.120 Why?
Carbon120176700.120 Why?
Glycolysis120178210.120 Why?
Dietary Carbohydrates120189060.110 Why?
Muscles1201716110.110 Why?
Intestine, Small1201812430.100 Why?
Mass Spectrometry2201522250.100 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL42020219700.090 Why?
Swine1201958790.090 Why?
Liver3201975220.080 Why?
Escherichia coli Proteins1201510870.080 Why?
Blood Glucose2201962290.070 Why?
Mice42020805640.070 Why?
Insulin Resistance1201838760.060 Why?
Models, Molecular1201555330.060 Why?
Insulin1201865890.060 Why?
Kidney1201971270.060 Why?
Animals520201687350.050 Why?
Pancreatic Neoplasms1201752130.040 Why?
Citric Acid120191260.040 Why?
Pyruvic Acid120191930.040 Why?
Isotope Labeling120184160.030 Why?
Obesity12018126530.030 Why?
Acetic Acid12015550.030 Why?
Fermentation120151420.030 Why?
Biomass120151230.030 Why?
Cell Respiration120152050.030 Why?
Veins120197540.030 Why?
Arteries1201911090.030 Why?
Amino Acids1201917270.030 Why?
Oxidation-Reduction1201821880.030 Why?
Spleen1201923640.030 Why?
Adipose Tissue, Brown120187640.030 Why?
Pancreas1201916750.030 Why?
Metabolome120188820.020 Why?
Brain12017262090.020 Why?
Models, Biological2201896150.020 Why?
Intestinal Mucosa1201930440.020 Why?
Myocardium1201848080.020 Why?
Feeding Behavior1201831820.020 Why?
Energy Metabolism1201529110.020 Why?
Oxygen1201541740.010 Why?
Muscle, Skeletal1201849530.010 Why?
Male220193490250.010 Why?
Neoplasms12015214100.000 Why?
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