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Brian Michael Russell, M.D.

Concepts (37)

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Concepts are listed by decreasing relevance which is based on many factors, including how many publications the person wrote about that topic, how long ago those publications were written, and how many publications other people have written on that same topic.
Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Carcinoma, Transitional Cell120228260.570 Why?
Urinary Bladder Neoplasms1202221190.400 Why?
Human Growth Hormone320186620.320 Why?
Overweight3201821390.210 Why?
Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 212018780.180 Why?
Frail Elderly120225570.170 Why?
Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3120184230.150 Why?
Anorexia120141490.140 Why?
Pituitary Diseases120141290.130 Why?
Hypopituitarism120152490.130 Why?
Hip120142650.130 Why?
Acromegaly120153250.130 Why?
Diastole120158310.130 Why?
Glucagon120145410.120 Why?
Hormone Replacement Therapy120157230.100 Why?
Insulin-Like Growth Factor I1201820170.100 Why?
Obesity32018117000.090 Why?
Hip Fractures120148620.080 Why?
Bone Density1201432760.060 Why?
Retrospective Studies32022673200.040 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies32018216400.030 Why?
Aged220221622710.030 Why?
Absorptiometry, Photon1201416040.020 Why?
Femur1201412930.020 Why?
Reference Values1201451340.020 Why?
Humans520226866630.020 Why?
Body Composition1201423810.020 Why?
Follow-Up Studies22018397370.020 Why?
Adult420182114000.010 Why?
Young Adult22014560520.010 Why?
Prognosis12018289230.010 Why?
Body Mass Index12014123230.010 Why?
Adolescent22014849570.010 Why?
Male320183524650.010 Why?
Female320183754590.010 Why?
Risk Assessment12014237390.010 Why?
Middle Aged220152164680.010 Why?
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