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Shalini Sharma, Ph.D.

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Entamoeba histolytica42019511.800 Why?
Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-Diphosphate220191291.520 Why?
Phosphotransferases (Alcohol Group Acceptor)220194511.280 Why?
Amebiasis12019330.780 Why?
Phagocytosis3201915820.760 Why?
Phagosomes120192130.700 Why?
Actins3201922170.650 Why?
Protozoan Proteins220198350.250 Why?
Plant Infertility1201920.210 Why?
Sorghum1201940.210 Why?
Trophozoites12019170.200 Why?
Pollen12019890.200 Why?
Entamoebiasis12019190.200 Why?
Erythrocytes2201924750.200 Why?
Pseudopodia120192030.180 Why?
Profilins12018740.180 Why?
Fetal Proteins12018870.180 Why?
14-3-3 Proteins120192280.180 Why?
Meiosis120193720.170 Why?
rho GTP-Binding Proteins120183000.160 Why?
Cytosol120199420.150 Why?
Substrate Specificity1201919980.140 Why?
Cytoskeleton1201912310.130 Why?
Interferon Type I120165070.130 Why?
Rabbits1201953390.120 Why?
Microfilament Proteins1201812370.120 Why?
Integrins120168840.110 Why?
Gene Regulatory Networks1201917210.100 Why?
Kinetics1201969790.100 Why?
HEK293 Cells1201944160.100 Why?
Respiratory Tract Infections120169300.100 Why?
Cell Membrane1201939820.090 Why?
Antigens, Neoplasm1201621760.090 Why?
Phosphorylation1201988960.080 Why?
Protein Binding1201999470.080 Why?
MicroRNAs1201935870.060 Why?
Nuclear Proteins1201860090.060 Why?
Gametogenesis, Plant1201910.050 Why?
Animals420191708490.050 Why?
Sequence Homology120192050.050 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Plant120192000.050 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation12018126800.050 Why?
Mice32019808030.040 Why?
Lung1201691820.040 Why?
Signal Transduction12019243510.040 Why?
Mutation12019288480.030 Why?
Immunization1201912800.030 Why?
Macrophages, Alveolar120164530.030 Why?
Adoptive Transfer120168820.030 Why?
Immunoblotting1201618400.030 Why?
Fluorescent Antibody Technique1201627720.030 Why?
Phylogeny1201928630.030 Why?
Mice, Inbred BALB C1201967860.020 Why?
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay1201640760.020 Why?
Humans320196866630.020 Why?
Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis1201641290.020 Why?
Amino Acid Sequence12019146560.020 Why?
Flow Cytometry1201662300.020 Why?
Mice, Knockout12016155970.010 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL12016234390.010 Why?
Disease Models, Animal12016184950.010 Why?
Female220193754590.010 Why?
Male120163524650.000 Why?
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