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Gabrielle Anne White-Dzuro, M.D.

Concepts (100)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Deep Brain Stimulation320187380.760 Why?
Pectoralis Muscles12017810.590 Why?
Electric Power Supplies12017990.580 Why?
Essential Tremor220181310.560 Why?
Movement Disorders220184340.560 Why?
Pneumocephalus12016460.540 Why?
Sphenoid Sinus12016990.530 Why?
Electrodes, Implanted220178200.510 Why?
Intubation, Intratracheal1202213400.470 Why?
Point-of-Care Systems1202211430.460 Why?
Parkinson Disease2201827720.290 Why?
Surgical Wound Infection1201615080.280 Why?
Sleep Apnea, Obstructive1201618310.220 Why?
Spinal Fusion2202112270.180 Why?
Endocrine System Diseases120202490.160 Why?
Postoperative Complications22016151180.150 Why?
Hematologic Diseases120204990.140 Why?
Rhabdoid Tumor120182070.140 Why?
Cosmetics12017970.140 Why?
Esophagus1202210240.140 Why?
Fractures, Ununited120171650.140 Why?
Lateral Ventricles120171410.140 Why?
Craniotomy220177270.130 Why?
Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome120206010.130 Why?
Ubiquitin Thiolesterase120184550.130 Why?
Respiratory Tract Diseases120207150.130 Why?
Musculoskeletal Diseases120205780.120 Why?
Seizures2201728250.120 Why?
Femoral Fractures120173780.120 Why?
Spinal Diseases120185410.120 Why?
Equipment Failure120165810.110 Why?
Bone Transplantation120179020.110 Why?
Gastrointestinal Diseases1202011710.100 Why?
Corpus Callosum120177410.100 Why?
Skin Diseases1202010680.100 Why?
Glioma2201733760.100 Why?
Intraoperative Complications1201811820.100 Why?
Brain Neoplasms3201787850.100 Why?
Fracture Fixation, Internal120179020.100 Why?
Retrospective Studies102021762000.100 Why?
Nervous System Diseases1202016220.090 Why?
Meningioma1201811950.090 Why?
Kidney Diseases1202021350.090 Why?
Ultrasonography1202259310.080 Why?
Endoscopy1201817600.080 Why?
Diskectomy220212050.080 Why?
Tumor Suppressor Proteins1201828620.080 Why?
Critical Illness1202026510.080 Why?
Anticonvulsants1201719050.070 Why?
Pain, Postoperative1201716160.070 Why?
Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Non-Steroidal1201722760.070 Why?
Cytokines1202072680.070 Why?
Orthopedic Procedures1201612830.070 Why?
Obesity, Morbid1201611870.060 Why?
Patient Satisfaction1201733670.060 Why?
Fracture Healing220174220.060 Why?
Risk1201697040.060 Why?
Wounds and Injuries1201623940.060 Why?
Humans1520227369400.060 Why?
Treatment Outcome62021625010.060 Why?
Length of Stay1201662860.050 Why?
Patient Readmission1201631020.050 Why?
Glioblastoma1201734260.050 Why?
Longitudinal Studies12017138370.050 Why?
Middle Aged820212131150.050 Why?
Obesity12020126530.040 Why?
Body Mass Index12016126350.040 Why?
Incidence12016208830.040 Why?
Female920183785100.040 Why?
Male820183490250.040 Why?
Karnofsky Performance Status120171730.040 Why?
Aged620181626790.040 Why?
Bone Nails120172170.030 Why?
Risk Factors22020717840.030 Why?
Cardiovascular Diseases12020149680.030 Why?
Perioperative Period120162530.030 Why?
Bone Plates120174640.030 Why?
Injury Severity Score1201710040.030 Why?
Mutation12018298440.030 Why?
Adult520182132830.030 Why?
Aged, 80 and over42018577380.030 Why?
Trauma Centers120178880.030 Why?
Postoperative Period1201718300.030 Why?
Brain12018262090.030 Why?
Spinal Fractures120176920.020 Why?
Academic Medical Centers1201727440.020 Why?
Combined Modality Therapy1201786010.020 Why?
Cohort Studies22017402930.010 Why?
Electroencephalography1201761190.010 Why?
Survival Rate12016127820.010 Why?
Comorbidity12016103400.010 Why?
Young Adult22018562390.010 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests12016150790.010 Why?
Image Processing, Computer-Assisted1201789620.010 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12021389370.010 Why?
Prognosis12017289670.010 Why?
Adolescent12018852250.010 Why?
Child12018767000.010 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging12017352560.010 Why?
Animals120171687350.000 Why?
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