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Pierre-Olivier Grenier, M.D.

Concepts (46)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Mucous Membrane120216690.600 Why?
Sarcoma, Kaposi120173600.480 Why?
Sirolimus1202115620.460 Why?
AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections120176500.460 Why?
Foot120175240.450 Why?
Skin Diseases1202110680.420 Why?
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome220222770.320 Why?
Immunosuppressive Agents1202141290.310 Why?
Mastocytosis, Cutaneous12023140.240 Why?
Vascular Malformations220214470.230 Why?
Mastocytosis, Systemic120231010.210 Why?
Lymphoma, Primary Cutaneous Anaplastic Large Cell1202190.200 Why?
Mastocytosis120231580.200 Why?
Lymphoma, Large-Cell, Anaplastic120211660.170 Why?
Musculoskeletal Abnormalities12017900.140 Why?
Nevus120172030.130 Why?
Lipoma120173370.130 Why?
Class I Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinases120178980.110 Why?
Brachytherapy1202112440.110 Why?
Administration, Oral1202139060.110 Why?
Sepsis1202225650.080 Why?
Child62023767000.080 Why?
Infant32022348650.060 Why?
Biopsy1201767570.060 Why?
Skin1201743390.060 Why?
Skin Neoplasms1202156250.050 Why?
Child, Preschool22021407850.050 Why?
Infant, Newborn12021254280.050 Why?
Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-kit120237810.040 Why?
Mouth Mucosa120224330.040 Why?
Amnion120202020.040 Why?
Adolescent32023852250.040 Why?
Immunoglobulins, Intravenous120206420.030 Why?
Retrospective Studies22022762000.030 Why?
Young Adult12021562390.030 Why?
Male420213490250.030 Why?
Adult320222132830.030 Why?
Humans720237369400.030 Why?
Scoliosis120177140.020 Why?
Abnormalities, Multiple1201714150.020 Why?
Female320233785100.020 Why?
Databases, Factual1202277110.020 Why?
Middle Aged120212131150.020 Why?
Adipose Tissue1201732900.020 Why?
Neoplasm Recurrence, Local1202191290.010 Why?
Phenotype12017163750.010 Why?
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