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Sudhakar V Nuti, M.D.

Concepts (140)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Pneumonia6201818871.370 Why?
Myocardial Infarction132019109891.080 Why?
Hospitals, Veterans220164041.060 Why?
Medicare11201945850.870 Why?
Patient Readmission8201927410.770 Why?
Epidemiology120213060.750 Why?
Economics, Hospital120192060.680 Why?
Heart Failure7201983250.670 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care2202128040.640 Why?
Insurance Claim Review120197340.570 Why?
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition220206600.550 Why?
Journal Impact Factor120151380.550 Why?
Health Expenditures4201920240.530 Why?
Search Engine120141240.530 Why?
Bibliometrics120152790.480 Why?
Hospitalization9201984770.460 Why?
Internet2201430930.450 Why?
Health Services Needs and Demand1201914180.440 Why?
Hospitals6201826270.430 Why?
Fee-for-Service Plans520196170.420 Why?
Quality Indicators, Health Care3201717860.380 Why?
Medicaid1201923570.330 Why?
Health Services Research1201418570.320 Why?
Health Care Costs2201930920.320 Why?
Neoplastic Stem Cells1201413640.310 Why?
Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice1202139030.310 Why?
Bariatric Surgery120148120.300 Why?
Obesity, Morbid120149790.290 Why?
Periodicals as Topic1201514260.270 Why?
Quality of Health Care3201843170.260 Why?
Weight Loss1201422380.250 Why?
Ovarian Neoplasms2202045280.250 Why?
United States172021618760.230 Why?
Software1201442540.200 Why?
Digoxin120192420.190 Why?
Response Elements120203460.190 Why?
Social Class2201819020.180 Why?
Creatine Kinase, MB Form120172270.170 Why?
Healthcare Disparities3201727040.170 Why?
Cause of Death3201633780.170 Why?
MEDLINE120141470.150 Why?
Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy12015950.150 Why?
Hospital Bed Capacity120152030.140 Why?
Troponin120174300.140 Why?
Insurance, Health, Reimbursement120174120.140 Why?
China5201722100.130 Why?
Ownership120152810.130 Why?
Humans3220216483300.130 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies52019197370.120 Why?
Health Resources120199270.120 Why?
Electric Countershock120145240.110 Why?
Vaccination1202120880.110 Why?
Continental Population Groups2201821980.110 Why?
Hospital Mortality4201747760.100 Why?
Aged1420191545330.100 Why?
Aged, 80 and over82019570230.100 Why?
Ticlopidine120159120.100 Why?
Ischemic Attack, Transient120148620.100 Why?
Thrombolytic Therapy2201620880.100 Why?
Residence Characteristics2201518750.100 Why?
Quality Improvement4201733840.090 Why?
Asian Continental Ancestry Group1201517760.090 Why?
Heart Valve Diseases1201510730.090 Why?
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation120148030.090 Why?
Male1620193390260.080 Why?
Nuclear Proteins2202060220.080 Why?
Neoplasm Proteins1202037900.080 Why?
Health Status Disparities1201816130.080 Why?
Mitral Valve1201514060.080 Why?
Fibrinolytic Agents1201620630.080 Why?
Sex Characteristics1201523200.080 Why?
Hospitals, Rural220161230.070 Why?
Heart Arrest1201412700.070 Why?
Mortality1201626620.070 Why?
Female1620203597670.070 Why?
Aortic Valve Stenosis1201516510.070 Why?
Heart Valve Prosthesis Implantation1201414140.070 Why?
Aortic Valve1201417330.070 Why?
Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors1201528480.060 Why?
Developing Countries1201426300.060 Why?
Risk Assessment22021224910.060 Why?
National Health Programs220154350.060 Why?
Electrocardiography1201462350.060 Why?
Length of Stay1201559630.060 Why?
Cardiac Surgical Procedures1201532230.060 Why?
Retrospective Studies82019613510.050 Why?
Middle Aged820192078600.040 Why?
Hospitals, Voluntary12016410.040 Why?
United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality12016900.040 Why?
Inflation, Economic12015220.040 Why?
Puerto Rico120163220.040 Why?
Arabidopsis Proteins120172550.040 Why?
Urban Health Services120151840.040 Why?
Access to Information120163050.030 Why?
Time Factors42017414510.030 Why?
Medicare Part C120151880.030 Why?
Hospitals, Urban120155030.030 Why?
Stroke1201482650.030 Why?
Financing, Government120164860.030 Why?
Morbidity1201715650.030 Why?
Postoperative Complications12014145870.030 Why?
Rural Health Services120153510.030 Why?
Publications120141820.030 Why?
Cardiovascular Diseases12015125050.030 Why?
African Continental Ancestry Group1201819430.030 Why?
Sex Distribution1201524120.030 Why?
Prognosis32016275840.030 Why?
Treatment Outcome42017580890.030 Why?
Age Distribution1201529460.020 Why?
India1201420480.020 Why?
Neoplasm Metastasis1202052330.020 Why?
Risk Factors42015657890.020 Why?
Delivery of Health Care2201641110.020 Why?
Patient Admission1201613820.020 Why?
Adult220192033850.020 Why?
Cohort Studies22019366420.020 Why?
Drug Administration Schedule1201551740.020 Why?
Acute Disease1201771150.020 Why?
Guideline Adherence1201723280.020 Why?
Delivery of Health Care, Integrated120149260.020 Why?
Research1201420090.020 Why?
Transcription, Genetic1202081200.020 Why?
Survivors1201418700.020 Why?
Poverty1201423310.020 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic1202084190.020 Why?
Cell Line, Tumor12020165810.020 Why?
European Continental Ancestry Group1201870990.020 Why?
Survival Rate12017131410.020 Why?
Sex Factors12017105530.020 Why?
Animals120141677580.020 Why?
Models, Theoretical1201435990.010 Why?
Survival Analysis12014105090.010 Why?
Health Services Accessibility1201646540.010 Why?
Practice Guidelines as Topic1201774130.010 Why?
Age Factors12015188760.010 Why?
Prevalence12014140080.010 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12017384640.010 Why?
Prospective Studies12017460180.010 Why?
Young Adult12015527630.010 Why?
Adolescent12015813770.010 Why?
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