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Diana Juvinao-Quintero, Ph.D.

Concepts (52)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Fetal Blood3202213251.070 Why?
DNA Methylation5202240750.740 Why?
Blood Cells120213180.700 Why?
Pregnant Women120215040.610 Why?
CpG Islands4202111700.480 Why?
Hyperglycemia1202113540.440 Why?
Blood Glucose2202162530.320 Why?
Pregnancy Complications1202128380.300 Why?
Genome-Wide Association Study22021119560.270 Why?
Epigenesis, Genetic4202234270.260 Why?
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 232022110990.240 Why?
Carnitine O-Palmitoyltransferase12021830.200 Why?
European Union120211690.190 Why?
Quantitative Trait, Heritable120215560.170 Why?
Pregnancy Trimester, Second120217120.160 Why?
Chile320232270.160 Why?
Glucose Tolerance Test1202111540.160 Why?
Epigenomics120218060.140 Why?
Histone Deacetylases120217500.140 Why?
Suicidal Ideation1202211100.120 Why?
Diabetes, Gestational1202210880.120 Why?
Pregnancy32022273660.110 Why?
Genetic Association Studies1202127200.100 Why?
Repressor Proteins1202130640.090 Why?
Carrier Proteins1202150980.080 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies32023233830.080 Why?
MicroRNAs1202136200.070 Why?
Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors1202031480.070 Why?
Infant, Newborn22022247790.070 Why?
Prevalence12021148780.060 Why?
Hypertension1202382700.060 Why?
Case-Control Studies12021218020.060 Why?
Adult620232122280.060 Why?
Female520223770520.050 Why?
Humans820237156360.040 Why?
Risk Factors22022709270.040 Why?
Prospective Studies12021513550.040 Why?
Male320213501560.030 Why?
Young Adult12021561370.030 Why?
Psychometrics1202229710.030 Why?
Pain Measurement1202234930.030 Why?
Aged220211623830.030 Why?
Anxiety Disorders1202225800.030 Why?
Middle Aged220212146180.020 Why?
Blood Pressure1202385340.020 Why?
Insulin Resistance1202038910.020 Why?
Insulin1202066540.020 Why?
Reproducibility of Results12022195280.020 Why?
Phenotype12020163080.010 Why?
Quality of Life12022117190.010 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12020393340.010 Why?
Cohort Studies12020400420.010 Why?
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