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Mohsen Maleh Mir, Ph.D.

Concepts (101)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Platelet Glycoprotein GPIb-IX Complex120191400.700 Why?
Triiodothyronine220164970.630 Why?
Glucagon120165330.530 Why?
Cathepsin B12010900.380 Why?
Metabolic Diseases120166560.370 Why?
Tretinoin120115300.340 Why?
Blood Platelets1201924740.340 Why?
Liver Neoplasms3201940910.340 Why?
Silymarin32013220.330 Why?
NF-kappa B1201025790.210 Why?
Kupffer Cells120191580.170 Why?
Liver4201976470.170 Why?
Glioblastoma2201133520.170 Why?
Intestinal Neoplasms120202970.160 Why?
Antineoplastic Agents22011137320.160 Why?
Chemical Engineering12016150.160 Why?
Caspase 8120172090.160 Why?
Body Weight2201946920.150 Why?
Cytoplasmic Granules120196210.150 Why?
Hepatitis E virus12017710.150 Why?
Platelet Count120197950.150 Why?
Endothelium120198040.150 Why?
Platelet Aggregation120198080.140 Why?
Hyaluronic Acid120194960.140 Why?
Hepatocytes2201912490.130 Why?
Carcinoma2202023250.130 Why?
Drug Synergism2201618780.130 Why?
Cell Differentiation12011117460.120 Why?
Cell Nucleus Size12011120.110 Why?
Arsenicals120111220.110 Why?
Drug Combinations1201619410.100 Why?
Cystatin A1201050.100 Why?
Cell Dedifferentiation120111410.100 Why?
Cell Shape120113790.100 Why?
Receptors, Urokinase Plasminogen Activator12010830.100 Why?
Oxides120114250.090 Why?
Mice, Transgenic2202099230.090 Why?
Cell Size120116600.090 Why?
Cell Line, Tumor52017169430.090 Why?
Viral Proteins1201719750.090 Why?
Antineoplastic Agents, Phytogenic120136310.090 Why?
Cell Proliferation42017108000.090 Why?
Intestinal Mucosa1202030620.090 Why?
RNA, Viral1201728310.090 Why?
Antigens, Differentiation120119670.080 Why?
Hyperglycemia1201613590.080 Why?
Thyroxine120116530.080 Why?
Cholesterol1201628960.080 Why?
DNA Damage1201724670.080 Why?
Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors1201930040.070 Why?
Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-11201011770.070 Why?
Bone and Bones1201625660.070 Why?
Carcinoma, Hepatocellular2201720850.070 Why?
Drug Delivery Systems1201622340.070 Why?
Molecular Targeted Therapy1201628620.070 Why?
Cytokines1201972250.060 Why?
Apoptosis32020101120.060 Why?
Neoplasm Invasiveness1201137020.060 Why?
Melanoma1202152740.060 Why?
Disease Models, Animal22020183450.050 Why?
Atherosclerosis1201632560.050 Why?
Cell Survival1201161310.050 Why?
Animals520211707260.050 Why?
Mice42021809950.040 Why?
Thyroid Neoplasms1201122290.040 Why?
Fas-Associated Death Domain Protein12017290.040 Why?
Gene Expression1201180100.040 Why?
Melanocytes120215230.040 Why?
Receptor-Interacting Protein Serine-Threonine Kinases120171190.040 Why?
Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Type I120172550.040 Why?
Crosses, Genetic120178410.040 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic1201386740.040 Why?
Liver Regeneration120172220.040 Why?
JNK Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases120174670.030 Why?
Tissue Array Analysis120175740.030 Why?
Epitopes1202126540.030 Why?
Obesity12016121920.030 Why?
Hepatectomy120175640.030 Why?
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 212016109800.030 Why?
Genomic Instability120176980.030 Why?
Antigens, Neoplasm1202120020.030 Why?
In Situ Hybridization1201719880.030 Why?
Humans920217151240.030 Why?
Hep G2 Cells120133930.030 Why?
Matrix Metalloproteinase 2120134810.020 Why?
Brain Neoplasms1201188040.020 Why?
Genes, p53120137680.020 Why?
Endoscopy1202017540.020 Why?
Hepatitis B virus120134540.020 Why?
Matrix Metalloproteinase 9120137020.020 Why?
DNA Repair1201720590.020 Why?
Epithelial Cells1202036870.020 Why?
Histones1201725800.020 Why?
Phosphorylation1201787380.020 Why?
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases1202022720.020 Why?
Immunohistochemistry12017117660.010 Why?
Chronic Disease1201790220.010 Why?
Risk Factors12017707040.010 Why?
Mutation12013294420.010 Why?
Male120173510810.000 Why?
Female120173773340.000 Why?
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