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Ge Zheng, B.M., Ph.D.

Concepts (69)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Biosensing Techniques320066320.270 Why?
Electrochemistry120051540.270 Why?
Protein Array Analysis120054120.240 Why?
Nanotechnology220056940.220 Why?
Nanowires32006340.220 Why?
Silicon320061390.100 Why?
Aquaculture12010250.100 Why?
Geologic Sediments12010750.090 Why?
Microelectrodes220062990.080 Why?
Transistors, Electronic12006180.070 Why?
Water Pollutants, Chemical120103080.070 Why?
Electric Wiring1200530.070 Why?
Biological Science Disciplines12006540.070 Why?
Paramyxoviridae1200480.070 Why?
Transducers120052480.060 Why?
Environmental Monitoring1201014010.060 Why?
Electrophysiology1200613130.060 Why?
Nanomedicine120062960.060 Why?
Equipment Failure Analysis120058510.060 Why?
Microarray Analysis120067680.060 Why?
Neural Inhibition120065870.050 Why?
Immunoassay120057510.050 Why?
Nanostructures120065550.050 Why?
Influenza A virus120044560.050 Why?
Telomerase120057350.050 Why?
Fetal Hemoglobin120233420.050 Why?
Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted1200515400.040 Why?
Equipment Design1200535640.040 Why?
Neoplasms12005209410.040 Why?
Microscopy, Confocal1200219880.040 Why?
Electric Conductivity220064190.030 Why?
Nucleic Acids220061740.030 Why?
Neoplasm Proteins1200537110.030 Why?
Viruses220063580.030 Why?
Repressor Proteins1202330420.030 Why?
Hong Kong120101440.020 Why?
Seawater120101230.020 Why?
Carrier Proteins1202350410.020 Why?
Nuclear Proteins1202359130.020 Why?
Neurons1200693440.020 Why?
Rats, Inbred F344120068880.020 Why?
Immunochemistry120041340.020 Why?
Neurites120063810.020 Why?
Birds120041620.020 Why?
Dendrites120065080.010 Why?
Transcription Factors12023120800.010 Why?
Microscopy, Electron, Transmission120047350.010 Why?
Metaphase120021610.010 Why?
Interphase120022420.010 Why?
Hydrogen-Ion Concentration1200625740.010 Why?
Electric Stimulation1200617610.010 Why?
Drug Design1200610860.010 Why?
Proteins2200660880.010 Why?
3T3 Cells1200211190.010 Why?
Action Potentials1200617960.010 Why?
Axons1200616880.010 Why?
Lasers120029410.010 Why?
Synapses1200617210.010 Why?
Mitosis1200212460.010 Why?
Microscopy, Fluorescence1200427850.010 Why?
Rats, Sprague-Dawley1200683610.010 Why?
Animals420061687140.010 Why?
Humans320237251870.010 Why?
Sensitivity and Specificity12006147210.010 Why?
Cells, Cultured12006194850.010 Why?
Rats12006244140.010 Why?
Apoptosis1200297560.000 Why?
Time Factors12002401860.000 Why?
Mice12002803000.000 Why?
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