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Rodrigo Tavares Rodrigues, M.D.

Concepts (37)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Clostridium Infections120164650.420 Why?
Cross Infection1201613870.340 Why?
Health Care Costs1201631590.240 Why?
Biological Therapy120161360.140 Why?
Colectomy120166440.110 Why?
Remission Induction1201623870.110 Why?
Feces1201613580.100 Why?
Adrenal Cortex Hormones2201618090.100 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents2201668290.090 Why?
Boston2201695340.080 Why?
Linear Models1201660880.080 Why?
Multivariate Analysis22016127340.070 Why?
Recurrence1201681980.070 Why?
Colitis, Ulcerative1201517520.070 Why?
Crohn Disease1201521990.060 Why?
Inflammatory Bowel Diseases1201621550.060 Why?
Hospitalization2201693040.050 Why?
Time Factors12016422710.030 Why?
Young Adult22016560520.030 Why?
Digestive System Surgical Procedures120165900.030 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12016593310.030 Why?
Meta-Analysis as Topic1201513630.030 Why?
Adult320162114000.020 Why?
Inpatients1201620500.020 Why?
Middle Aged220162164680.020 Why?
Drug Therapy, Combination1201566320.020 Why?
Male320163524650.020 Why?
Aged120161622710.020 Why?
Female320163754590.020 Why?
Odds Ratio12016101080.020 Why?
Length of Stay1201662410.010 Why?
Logistic Models12016138070.010 Why?
Registries1201680330.010 Why?
Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic1201593370.010 Why?
Humans320166866630.010 Why?
Retrospective Studies22016673200.010 Why?
Cohort Studies12015387320.010 Why?
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