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Boxun Zhao, Ph.D.

Concepts (48)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Heart Septal Defects, Ventricular120224810.770 Why?
Craniofacial Abnormalities120223210.750 Why?
Rett Syndrome120191590.650 Why?
Long Interspersed Nucleotide Elements120192840.650 Why?
Abnormalities, Multiple1202213760.540 Why?
Mosaicism320194510.210 Why?
Autistic Disorder2202110530.200 Why?
Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid1201911360.170 Why?
Molecular Sequence Annotation120205470.170 Why?
Adenosine Triphosphatases120228960.170 Why?
Methyl-CpG-Binding Protein 2120191970.160 Why?
DNA Transposable Elements120207580.160 Why?
Exons1202224730.150 Why?
Tissue Distribution1201924420.130 Why?
Zygote120141260.130 Why?
DNA Copy Number Variations1202018600.110 Why?
Germ-Line Mutation1201917250.100 Why?
Sequence Analysis, DNA2202049490.100 Why?
Base Sequence12019134640.080 Why?
Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide22017155270.070 Why?
Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity1202141740.070 Why?
Genomics1202052060.070 Why?
Transcription, Genetic1201979840.070 Why?
Cerebral Cortex1201957140.060 Why?
Case-Control Studies12019218270.050 Why?
Genome, Human1201445000.050 Why?
Neurons1201993810.050 Why?
Adult420222118240.050 Why?
Mutation22019291730.040 Why?
Gene Dosage1202012720.040 Why?
Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase12014830.030 Why?
Epilepsies, Myoclonic12014740.030 Why?
Female420223762580.030 Why?
Alleles2201771260.030 Why?
Genotype22020129570.030 Why?
Young Adult12019560130.030 Why?
Brain12019248430.030 Why?
Humans620227061070.030 Why?
Chromosome Mapping1202048480.030 Why?
Genetic Counseling120145730.030 Why?
Adolescent12019850930.030 Why?
Male320223511860.020 Why?
Bayes Theorem1201419680.020 Why?
Pedigree1201447190.020 Why?
High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing1201436990.010 Why?
Transcription Factors12021119660.010 Why?
Genetic Predisposition to Disease12017173210.010 Why?
Child, Preschool12014411300.010 Why?
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