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Amrapali Maitra, M.D.

Concepts (52)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
History of Medicine12021370.880 Why?
Hierarchy, Social12021210.850 Why?
Anthropology, Cultural12021940.850 Why?
Ceremonial Behavior12020200.840 Why?
Diagnosis120211540.820 Why?
Verbal Behavior120213450.740 Why?
Grief120202420.690 Why?
Physician-Patient Relations3202033160.650 Why?
Family Relations120193280.620 Why?
Resilience, Psychological120206140.500 Why?
Social Support2202021190.490 Why?
Internal Medicine1202110070.490 Why?
Education, Medical, Undergraduate120219880.440 Why?
Education, Medical1202116830.360 Why?
Students, Medical1202117400.340 Why?
Communication1202134550.320 Why?
Terminal Care1201916320.320 Why?
Trust220214780.300 Why?
History, 18th Century120212220.210 Why?
History, Ancient120212680.210 Why?
Internship and Residency1202155560.200 Why?
Home Nursing12019940.180 Why?
History, 19th Century120217450.180 Why?
Videoconferencing120211900.170 Why?
Physicians3202042920.170 Why?
Emigration and Immigration120203820.160 Why?
Professional Role120192990.150 Why?
Congresses as Topic120217770.150 Why?
Qualitative Research2201925060.130 Why?
Self Care120197990.120 Why?
Language1202112180.120 Why?
Interpersonal Relations1201914060.110 Why?
Patient-Centered Care1202114460.100 Why?
Attitude to Health1201921020.100 Why?
Attention1201924140.090 Why?
Education, Medical, Graduate1202121760.090 Why?
Curriculum1202133290.080 Why?
Health Personnel1202129830.080 Why?
Sex Factors12021105660.070 Why?
Humans920217088430.070 Why?
Attitude of Health Personnel1201938850.070 Why?
Male520213495240.050 Why?
Young Adult22020559400.040 Why?
Job Satisfaction120195550.030 Why?
Female420213752050.030 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12019581840.030 Why?
Interviews as Topic1201925710.030 Why?
Adult320212110410.030 Why?
Middle Aged320202137520.030 Why?
Burnout, Professional120196280.030 Why?
Aged120201614880.020 Why?
Primary Health Care1201944850.010 Why?
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