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Fiza Khaliq Laheji, M.B.,B.S.

Concepts (52)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Adrenoleukodystrophy420221130.660 Why?
Adrenal Insufficiency120191710.160 Why?
Dependovirus120187330.120 Why?
Gene Transfer Techniques1201812820.120 Why?
Microglia1201711680.090 Why?
Genetic Vectors1201835290.090 Why?
Peroxisomes12022560.050 Why?
Spinal Cord2201818080.050 Why?
ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters120225700.040 Why?
Injections, Spinal120183140.040 Why?
Hyperalgesia120225000.040 Why?
Lysophosphatidylcholines12017810.040 Why?
Ion Channels1202210780.040 Why?
Milk Proteins120171630.040 Why?
Spinal Cord Diseases120192930.040 Why?
Endpoint Determination120196110.030 Why?
Fatty Acids1202217460.030 Why?
Coculture Techniques1201713530.030 Why?
Antigens, Surface1201718420.030 Why?
Phagocytosis1201715810.030 Why?
Astrocytes1201812350.030 Why?
Receptors, Immunologic1201714770.030 Why?
Brain Diseases1201915340.020 Why?
Antibodies1201724320.020 Why?
Fibroblasts1201842330.020 Why?
Pain1202246970.020 Why?
Membrane Glycoproteins1201738240.020 Why?
Survival Analysis12019104990.020 Why?
Gene Expression1201779540.020 Why?
Mice22022803750.020 Why?
Animals320221694200.010 Why?
Mice, Knockout12017150590.010 Why?
Cell Line, Tumor12018167360.010 Why?
Prevalence12019149110.010 Why?
Cells, Cultured12017199100.010 Why?
Case-Control Studies12017217970.010 Why?
Disease Models, Animal12018181990.010 Why?
Infant, Newborn12019247980.010 Why?
Neurons1201793750.010 Why?
Risk Assessment12019234640.010 Why?
Infant12019345690.010 Why?
Child, Preschool12019411980.010 Why?
Young Adult12019562260.010 Why?
Child12019744680.010 Why?
Retrospective Studies12019724430.010 Why?
Adolescent12019851550.010 Why?
Humans320197157770.010 Why?
Aged120191624480.000 Why?
Adult120192122660.000 Why?
Middle Aged120192146390.000 Why?
Male120193503240.000 Why?
Female120193772040.000 Why?
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