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Barnaly Rashid, Ph.D.

Concepts (50)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Rest420218790.760 Why?
Brain112021252810.670 Why?
Brain Mapping8202165610.660 Why?
Parietal Lobe120198200.520 Why?
Schizophrenia5202167540.490 Why?
Executive Function2202113210.460 Why?
Frontal Lobe1201914270.460 Why?
Brain Diseases1201915440.390 Why?
Neural Pathways7201930300.360 Why?
Nerve Net1202021460.330 Why?
Antisocial Personality Disorder220182410.300 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging112021345030.210 Why?
Mental Disorders1202064310.200 Why?
Bipolar Disorder1201650600.170 Why?
Criminals12018570.160 Why?
Functional Laterality1202123000.130 Why?
Cannabis120173340.110 Why?
Cluster Analysis1201827590.100 Why?
Pattern Recognition, Automated1201610170.090 Why?
Psychotic Disorders2201828480.080 Why?
Male920213513990.070 Why?
Female920213779340.070 Why?
Pilot Projects1201880680.070 Why?
Alcohol Drinking1201738850.060 Why?
Humans1220217172800.060 Why?
Genomics1201853380.060 Why?
Sensitivity and Specificity12016149040.050 Why?
Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide12018156000.040 Why?
Adult520212124700.040 Why?
Wisconsin120171270.040 Why?
Aged220211628620.040 Why?
Middle Aged320212150540.040 Why?
Juvenile Delinquency120171330.040 Why?
Genetic Predisposition to Disease12018174320.040 Why?
Intelligence120219000.040 Why?
Algorithms12016137160.030 Why?
Principal Component Analysis120189710.030 Why?
Child22021743880.030 Why?
Marijuana Smoking120172520.030 Why?
Image Processing, Computer-Assisted2201890000.030 Why?
Schizophrenic Psychology1201816830.020 Why?
Severity of Illness Index22018160200.020 Why?
Psychiatric Status Rating Scales1201861990.020 Why?
Young Adult32018562490.020 Why?
Attention1201724140.020 Why?
Oxygen1201841790.020 Why?
Risk1201897730.020 Why?
Smoking1201789480.010 Why?
Adolescent22018851430.010 Why?
Risk Factors12018708630.010 Why?
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