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Reza Zonozi, M.D.

Concepts (85)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Anti-Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibody-Associated Vasculitis420211541.110 Why?
Glomerulonephritis, Membranous22021701.010 Why?
Immunologic Factors3202115730.850 Why?
Paranasal Sinuses120212690.680 Why?
Nose120214930.630 Why?
Glomerulonephritis120183690.590 Why?
Neutropenia120208750.580 Why?
Vancomycin120195020.560 Why?
Glomerulosclerosis, Focal Segmental320213310.480 Why?
Fever1202015890.480 Why?
Autoimmune Diseases2202121090.450 Why?
Glomerular Filtration Rate1201921010.410 Why?
Nephrosis, Lipoid22020510.410 Why?
Antibodies, Viral1202129860.370 Why?
Sepsis1202024740.310 Why?
Acute Kidney Injury1201918900.300 Why?
Cyclophosphamide2202121890.270 Why?
Vaginal Discharge12021220.220 Why?
Receptors, Phospholipase A212021250.220 Why?
Vaginitis12021470.220 Why?
Filgrastim120201340.210 Why?
Hematologic Agents12020400.200 Why?
Azathioprine120203340.190 Why?
Mycophenolic Acid120203450.170 Why?
Risk Assessment22021235110.170 Why?
Asymptomatic Diseases120205770.160 Why?
Tomography, X-Ray Computed12021203980.160 Why?
Antibodies, Antineutrophil Cytoplasmic120182350.150 Why?
Prednisone1202115490.150 Why?
Optic Atrophy12014650.130 Why?
Spinocerebellar Ataxias12014790.130 Why?
Muscle Spasticity120141460.130 Why?
Methotrexate1202017230.130 Why?
Trisomy120142610.120 Why?
Retrospective Studies52021722550.120 Why?
Sinusitis120218830.110 Why?
Recurrence2202082690.110 Why?
Secondary Prevention1201815090.110 Why?
Incidence22020205960.100 Why?
Immunosuppressive Agents2202142080.100 Why?
Drug Therapy, Combination1202065380.100 Why?
Genetic Linkage1201425160.090 Why?
Multiple System Atrophy12009850.090 Why?
Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic1202021090.080 Why?
Follow-Up Studies22021392850.080 Why?
Prognosis22019291680.080 Why?
B-Lymphocytes1202149180.080 Why?
Kidney Transplantation1202141390.080 Why?
Dose-Response Relationship, Drug12019112850.070 Why?
Proportional Hazards Models12020124040.070 Why?
Hospital Mortality1201951330.070 Why?
Adult520212121290.070 Why?
Humans1220217151240.070 Why?
Risk Factors32020707040.060 Why?
alpha-Synuclein120096840.060 Why?
Genetic Predisposition to Disease32014173950.050 Why?
Disease Progression12018133020.050 Why?
Myocardial Infarction12021114020.050 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents1201970450.050 Why?
Female620213773340.050 Why?
Hospitalization1201997180.050 Why?
Middle Aged420212148710.040 Why?
Nephrotic Syndrome120203920.040 Why?
Time Factors12019410810.040 Why?
Parkinson Disease1200926650.040 Why?
Male520213510810.030 Why?
United States22021676650.030 Why?
Treatment Outcome12021621860.030 Why?
Aged320211626740.030 Why?
Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide22014155840.030 Why?
Genetic Variation1200966580.030 Why?
Chromosomes, Human, Pair 11120144180.030 Why?
France120144880.030 Why?
Gene Frequency2200937130.030 Why?
Genotype22014129210.020 Why?
Pedigree1201447220.020 Why?
Chromosome Mapping1201448240.020 Why?
Japan1200913650.020 Why?
Medicare1202157590.020 Why?
Cohort Studies22021398040.020 Why?
Genome-Wide Association Study22009119070.010 Why?
Phenotype12014163710.010 Why?
Risk1200997720.010 Why?
Odds Ratio1200999680.010 Why?
Young Adult12021561550.010 Why?
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