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Qian Zhu, Ph.D.

Concepts (109)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Protein Footprinting12019100.760 Why?
Search Engine120151340.490 Why?
Software3202143920.410 Why?
Gene Duplication120103340.350 Why?
GATA1 Transcription Factor220202990.350 Why?
Fetal Hemoglobin220213330.310 Why?
Epigenesis, Genetic1202034230.300 Why?
Chromatin6202226780.270 Why?
gamma-Globins22021920.240 Why?
High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing2201936700.230 Why?
RNA-Binding Proteins2202218830.230 Why?
Gene Deletion1201028200.220 Why?
Nuclear Matrix-Associated Proteins12021440.210 Why?
Genome1201017480.210 Why?
CCAAT-Binding Factor12021240.210 Why?
Leukemia, Erythroblastic, Acute120211930.210 Why?
Hemoglobin A12021820.210 Why?
Myeloid-Lymphoid Leukemia Protein120222850.180 Why?
Cells120181660.160 Why?
Computational Biology2202135640.160 Why?
Leukemia, Myeloid, Acute2202232900.150 Why?
In Situ Hybridization1202119840.150 Why?
Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling Proteins120171800.150 Why?
Endonucleases120193870.150 Why?
Markov Chains120199910.140 Why?
Erythroid Cells320222490.130 Why?
Repressor Proteins3202230640.130 Why?
Nuclear Proteins2202259330.130 Why?
Sequence Alignment1201922850.130 Why?
Epigenomics120208050.130 Why?
Promoter Regions, Genetic3202159950.130 Why?
Sequence Analysis, RNA2201920150.120 Why?
Gene Expression Profiling2202194940.120 Why?
Hematopoiesis1202219890.110 Why?
In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence1201926440.110 Why?
Proteome1202217590.110 Why?
Single-Cell Analysis2201921290.100 Why?
Visual Cortex1201911390.100 Why?
Hedgehog Proteins120157760.090 Why?
Stem Cells2202135610.090 Why?
Hematopoietic Stem Cells1202233870.090 Why?
beta-Globins220211250.090 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental1202037650.090 Why?
Interferon-gamma1201732480.090 Why?
Carrier Proteins2202250980.080 Why?
Algorithms32019137610.080 Why?
Sequence Analysis, DNA1201949100.080 Why?
Databases, Genetic1201518000.080 Why?
Monocytes1201726270.080 Why?
Transcription Factors32022119420.070 Why?
Erythropoiesis220217020.070 Why?
MicroRNAs1202236180.070 Why?
Neoplasm Metastasis1201750690.070 Why?
DNA Methylation1202040700.070 Why?
Tumor Microenvironment1201730500.070 Why?
RNA1201526070.070 Why?
Probability1201024930.060 Why?
Age Factors12020187720.060 Why?
Melanoma2201952460.060 Why?
Mice52022802700.060 Why?
Skin Neoplasms2201953190.050 Why?
Animals720221691730.050 Why?
Gene Regulatory Networks2202216990.050 Why?
Lymphopoiesis120221340.050 Why?
Ikaros Transcription Factor120222210.050 Why?
Binding Sites2202162100.050 Why?
Interferon Regulatory Factors120222770.050 Why?
Erythroblasts120201610.050 Why?
Genomics2202053380.050 Why?
Models, Genetic1201035220.050 Why?
Binding, Competitive1202111990.050 Why?
Humans1120227155940.040 Why?
Least-Squares Analysis120193850.040 Why?
Regulon12018710.040 Why?
Protein Interaction Domains and Motifs120214940.040 Why?
Gene Expression2202279440.040 Why?
Base Sequence22021131710.040 Why?
Gene Rearrangement1202212000.040 Why?
Chromosomal Proteins, Non-Histone120217310.040 Why?
Oncogenes1202212460.040 Why?
Organ Specificity1202120340.040 Why?
Zinc Fingers120185950.040 Why?
beta-Thalassemia120182470.030 Why?
Enhancer Elements, Genetic1202013560.030 Why?
Embryonic Stem Cells1202113580.030 Why?
Protein Isoforms1201816910.030 Why?
Breast Neoplasms12020200660.030 Why?
Cell Nucleus1202129900.030 Why?
Cell Differentiation22021116440.030 Why?
HEK293 Cells1202142630.030 Why?
Models, Molecular1202154500.020 Why?
Cell Cycle Proteins1202134800.020 Why?
Feasibility Studies1201949030.020 Why?
Protein Binding1202195550.020 Why?
Immunohistochemistry12021116640.020 Why?
Homeostasis1201733280.020 Why?
Mice, Knockout12021150400.020 Why?
Dendritic Cells1201727080.020 Why?
Internet1201830710.020 Why?
Image Processing, Computer-Assisted1202189960.020 Why?
Cell Line12018165590.010 Why?
Ovarian Neoplasms1201947480.010 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation12021122850.010 Why?
Infant, Newborn12022247760.010 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL12020226360.010 Why?
Child12022744130.010 Why?
Female220203770520.010 Why?
Adult120222122370.010 Why?
Male120203501430.000 Why?
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