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Martina Jeanette Lee Porter, M.D.

Concepts (96)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Hidradenitis Suppurativa1220211482.990 Why?
Skin Diseases2202010660.810 Why?
Biological Products520218380.740 Why?
Psoriasis720209740.680 Why?
Pruritus120213340.670 Why?
Dermatology220188470.660 Why?
Pharmaceutical Services120191280.660 Why?
Dermatologic Agents220192980.650 Why?
Appointments and Schedules120194300.550 Why?
Drug Approval120198990.400 Why?
Medicaid2201926490.360 Why?
Drug Prescriptions1201916870.360 Why?
Severity of Illness Index62021159260.310 Why?
Immunosuppressive Agents1202041950.300 Why?
Cost-Benefit Analysis1201952650.290 Why?
Coronavirus Infections1202031630.220 Why?
Pneumonia, Viral1202032800.210 Why?
Spironolactone220193600.170 Why?
Medical Order Entry Systems120145350.170 Why?
Biological Factors120191620.170 Why?
Motivation2201819030.170 Why?
Nail Diseases12018550.170 Why?
Blood Transfusion1201412570.170 Why?
Complementary Therapies120215140.150 Why?
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome120193330.140 Why?
Acne Vulgaris120192710.140 Why?
Television120184090.140 Why?
Physicians2202143760.130 Why?
Immunocompromised Host120208690.130 Why?
Alopecia120183670.130 Why?
Physicians, Primary Care120205730.120 Why?
Practice Guidelines as Topic2201874470.120 Why?
Disease Susceptibility1202017800.120 Why?
Humans2920217159140.110 Why?
Needs Assessment1201811470.110 Why?
Antibodies, Monoclonal2202095480.110 Why?
Immunologic Factors1202115710.100 Why?
Skin Neoplasms2202153180.100 Why?
Pandemics2202173110.100 Why?
Drug Costs1201911700.100 Why?
Massachusetts2202187440.100 Why?
Information Dissemination1201810980.090 Why?
United States Food and Drug Administration1201917780.090 Why?
Androgen Antagonists1201812850.090 Why?
Forecasting1201829560.090 Why?
Biological Therapy220211440.090 Why?
Antirheumatic Agents1201913780.090 Why?
Retrospective Studies72020724580.090 Why?
Patient Compliance1201927440.090 Why?
Academic Medical Centers1201927900.080 Why?
Patient Participation1201814760.080 Why?
United States42019679390.080 Why?
Electronic Health Records1201442790.080 Why?
Graft vs Host Disease1201828040.070 Why?
Pregnancy Complications1202028430.070 Why?
Patient Satisfaction1201833980.070 Why?
Age Factors22019187960.070 Why?
Sex Factors12019106720.070 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care1201829350.060 Why?
Clinical Competence1202046280.060 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1201930380.060 Why?
Female1220203773340.050 Why?
Time Factors22021409030.050 Why?
Hospitalization1202097450.050 Why?
Hirsutism12019680.050 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies12020234430.050 Why?
Adult520202123290.050 Why?
Middle Aged520202147570.050 Why?
Male820203504110.050 Why?
Interleukin-23120201850.040 Why?
Mohs Surgery120211850.040 Why?
Aged, 80 and over22020583280.040 Why?
Interleukin-12120205980.040 Why?
Cohort Studies12019400500.040 Why?
Interleukin-1beta120209630.030 Why?
Ambulatory Care Facilities120208850.030 Why?
Triage120219330.030 Why?
Interleukin-17120208900.030 Why?
Aged320211625180.030 Why?
Health Services Needs and Demand1202114370.030 Why?
Age of Onset1201933180.030 Why?
Comprehension120186050.030 Why?
Child12019744600.030 Why?
Health Personnel1201430440.020 Why?
Residence Characteristics1201820020.020 Why?
Pregnancy22020273990.020 Why?
Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha1202044590.020 Why?
Self Report1201834220.020 Why?
Health Behavior1201826280.020 Why?
Communication1201835180.020 Why?
Treatment Outcome22021620190.020 Why?
Chronic Disease1201890280.010 Why?
Clinical Trials as Topic1201979620.010 Why?
Registries1201980460.010 Why?
Young Adult22019562300.010 Why?
Quality of Life12020117220.010 Why?
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