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Jacob Allen Nota, Ph.D.

Concepts (52)

Concepts are derived automatically from a person's publications.
Concepts are listed by decreasing relevance which is based on many factors, including how many publications the person wrote about that topic, how long ago those publications were written, and how many publications other people have written on that same topic.
Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder8202115222.340 Why?
Sleep6202136541.020 Why?
Circadian Rhythm3202024520.630 Why?
Anxiety3202034270.570 Why?
Sleep Deprivation120207900.540 Why?
Personality Development120142660.520 Why?
Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm120152060.520 Why?
Thinking120153000.480 Why?
Arousal1201511260.380 Why?
Residential Treatment220191220.370 Why?
Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders120157710.360 Why?
Attention1201723550.330 Why?
Psychomotor Performance1201519320.320 Why?
Adaptation, Psychological2201823960.310 Why?
Depression2202065150.240 Why?
Ceremonial Behavior12021200.230 Why?
Compulsive Behavior12021960.220 Why?
Models, Psychological220208510.190 Why?
Compulsive Personality Disorder12014510.140 Why?
Social Behavior Disorders120141040.130 Why?
Suicide, Attempted1201810500.110 Why?
Interpersonal Relations1201814240.110 Why?
Affect1201814590.110 Why?
Suicidal Ideation120189060.110 Why?
Self Report3201832030.100 Why?
Culture120146520.100 Why?
Psychotropic Drugs120159050.100 Why?
Motivation1201817980.090 Why?
Humans1220216607310.080 Why?
Adult720202062950.080 Why?
Psychometrics1201428930.070 Why?
Emotions1201522420.070 Why?
Anxiety Disorders1201525380.070 Why?
Male720203439170.060 Why?
Depressive Disorder1201538750.060 Why?
Female720203651990.060 Why?
Severity of Illness Index12018159550.050 Why?
Mental Disorders1201862160.050 Why?
Cognition1201552900.050 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies12017203900.040 Why?
Treatment Outcome22021591490.040 Why?
Case-Control Studies12014212010.040 Why?
Young Adult32018540780.040 Why?
Self-Injurious Behavior120183950.030 Why?
Middle Aged320182107470.020 Why?
Health Behavior1201825230.020 Why?
Massachusetts1201887170.020 Why?
Comorbidity12018104450.020 Why?
Longitudinal Studies12018129400.020 Why?
Quality of Life12018101470.010 Why?
Time Factors12018418420.010 Why?
Risk Factors12018668870.010 Why?
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