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Vinay Kumar Rathi, M.D.

Concepts (173)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Device Approval1520211907.790 Why?
Otolaryngology2020215927.260 Why?
Equipment and Supplies720213004.500 Why?
United States Food and Drug Administration16202116263.410 Why?
Equipment Safety820202743.240 Why?
Product Surveillance, Postmarketing820204612.660 Why?
Medicare16202147602.270 Why?
Physician Incentive Plans420211772.250 Why?
Prospective Payment System320211321.720 Why?
Fee Schedules22020871.720 Why?
Reimbursement, Incentive520205271.470 Why?
Government Regulation220215501.220 Why?
Reimbursement Mechanisms320206541.140 Why?
Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Procedures320203160.980 Why?
United States442021632180.920 Why?
Clinical Trials as Topic6202079740.910 Why?
Hearing Aids12020480.870 Why?
Product Labeling22020950.860 Why?
Cost Control220206450.860 Why?
Financial Management120201370.790 Why?
Capital Financing12019540.780 Why?
Paranasal Sinus Diseases120201280.770 Why?
Insurance, Health, Reimbursement220204200.760 Why?
Economics, Hospital120202080.750 Why?
Budgets120202170.740 Why?
Managed Competition12018360.740 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies242020203900.740 Why?
Hospital Charges120203640.730 Why?
Surgery, Plastic220205390.730 Why?
Investments120191070.720 Why?
Information Dissemination3202010730.700 Why?
Adenoidectomy120181700.680 Why?
Off-Label Use120191730.680 Why?
Specialties, Surgical120203490.640 Why?
Postoperative Care2202015570.630 Why?
Drug-Eluting Stents220207460.620 Why?
Industry220153670.620 Why?
Tonsillectomy120182620.610 Why?
Health Care Sector120171850.610 Why?
Access to Information220203090.610 Why?
Prostheses and Implants2202012870.590 Why?
Medicine220207490.580 Why?
Gift Giving12015860.570 Why?
Face120209510.570 Why?
Office Visits120195920.560 Why?
Hearing Loss120206430.550 Why?
Motivation2202117980.550 Why?
Disclosure120207390.550 Why?
Physicians2202139070.550 Why?
Research Personnel220154740.520 Why?
Adrenal Cortex Hormones1202017480.430 Why?
Prescription Drugs120175590.420 Why?
Insurance Coverage1202117390.390 Why?
Medicaid2201923880.390 Why?
Telemedicine2202120350.390 Why?
Drug Approval120178180.380 Why?
Insurance, Health1202123980.380 Why?
Health Care Costs2202131450.370 Why?
Quality Indicators, Health Care1201918040.360 Why?
Humans5020216607310.350 Why?
Delivery of Health Care2202142560.330 Why?
Paranasal Sinuses220192500.310 Why?
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act2201511370.310 Why?
Health Expenditures1201820870.300 Why?
Retrospective Studies202020632320.300 Why?
Cardiology1201615330.300 Why?
Quality Improvement1202034730.280 Why?
Relative Value Scales22020870.270 Why?
Conflict of Interest220196040.260 Why?
Equipment Design3202036610.230 Why?
Choice Behavior220177830.220 Why?
Legislation as Topic12020790.220 Why?
Professional Corporations12020120.220 Why?
Compensation and Redress12020790.210 Why?
Patient Preference220178430.200 Why?
Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases12020960.200 Why?
Orthopedic Equipment22015260.200 Why?
Arkansas12018550.190 Why?
Marketing of Health Services120201560.190 Why?
Databases, Factual5201775150.180 Why?
Ownership120202900.180 Why?
Health Facilities120213700.170 Why?
Dilatation120182440.170 Why?
Benchmarking220208460.170 Why?
Patient Advocacy120193550.170 Why?
Publications120191860.170 Why?
Authorship120192560.170 Why?
Efficiency120204550.170 Why?
State Government120203750.170 Why?
Private Sector120203770.170 Why?
Ambulatory Care Facilities220207990.170 Why?
Ambulatory Surgical Procedures120203840.150 Why?
Laryngostenosis120171550.150 Why?
Administrative Personnel120161670.150 Why?
Costs and Cost Analysis1202015990.140 Why?
Outpatients1202111870.140 Why?
Free Tissue Flaps120172470.140 Why?
Physicians, Women120194130.140 Why?
Drug Industry220198980.140 Why?
Diffusion of Innovation120197390.130 Why?
Cost Savings120199110.130 Why?
Interprofessional Relations2201810200.120 Why?
Ophthalmology120174220.120 Why?
Income1202017380.120 Why?
Journal Impact Factor120121380.120 Why?
Health Care Reform1202012780.110 Why?
Research Design2201757030.110 Why?
Publishing120167790.090 Why?
Anti-Inflammatory Agents1201917710.090 Why?
Periodicals as Topic1201914480.090 Why?
Orthopedics120156980.090 Why?
Perception1201411650.090 Why?
Chi-Square Distribution1201437080.090 Why?
Data Mining120125090.080 Why?
Medical Device Recalls22017210.080 Why?
Heart-Assist Devices1201610190.080 Why?
Cooperative Behavior1201416020.080 Why?
Patient-Centered Care1201713790.080 Why?
Orthopedic Procedures1201511340.080 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care1202028610.080 Why?
Pandemics2202051070.070 Why?
Reconstructive Surgical Procedures1201719970.070 Why?
Head and Neck Neoplasms1201725150.070 Why?
Quality Assurance, Health Care1201523200.070 Why?
Aged420211569370.070 Why?
Patient Readmission1201728430.060 Why?
Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis1201241960.060 Why?
Decision Making1201738400.060 Why?
Risk1201598260.060 Why?
Coronavirus Infections1202032350.060 Why?
Internet1201430860.060 Why?
Pneumonia, Viral1202033500.060 Why?
Clinical Competence1201745550.050 Why?
Female1020203651990.050 Why?
Male920203439170.050 Why?
Attitude of Health Personnel1201438640.050 Why?
Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice1201439630.050 Why?
Risk Assessment22019229230.050 Why?
Registries1201476220.050 Why?
Practice Management, Medical120202120.040 Why?
Tissue Adhesions120192420.040 Why?
Outpatient Clinics, Hospital120204310.040 Why?
Nasal Obstruction120191570.040 Why?
Safety-Based Medical Device Withdrawals1201520.040 Why?
Bibliometrics120192940.040 Why?
Absorbable Implants120193370.040 Why?
Sex Factors22020106780.040 Why?
Attitude120196690.040 Why?
Sterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein 1120121370.030 Why?
Cardiovascular Diseases12016127750.030 Why?
Adipose Tissue, White120123340.030 Why?
Forecasting1201929280.030 Why?
Endoscopy1201816560.020 Why?
Heart Valve Prosthesis1201615610.020 Why?
Adipose Tissue, Brown120127390.020 Why?
Cost-Benefit Analysis1201952020.020 Why?
Comorbidity12020104450.020 Why?
Postoperative Complications22019147480.020 Why?
Pilot Projects1201776240.020 Why?
Receptors, Estrogen1201220870.020 Why?
Massachusetts1201787170.020 Why?
Middle Aged220172107470.020 Why?
Stents1201632160.020 Why?
Logistic Models12017136470.010 Why?
Risk Factors22017668870.010 Why?
Cell Line12012169520.010 Why?
Cohort Studies12017371210.010 Why?
Adult220172062950.010 Why?
Time Factors12015418420.010 Why?
Algorithms12012131200.010 Why?
Young Adult12017540780.010 Why?
Mice12012791080.000 Why?
Animals120121685010.000 Why?
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