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Clara Hildebrandt, M.D.

Concepts (37)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Muscle Hypotonia120201240.840 Why?
Social Justice120183790.590 Why?
Retinal Diseases120206730.580 Why?
Vision Disorders120209390.530 Why?
Developmental Disabilities1202013630.480 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1201827040.260 Why?
Chromosomes, Human, Pair 21120202410.220 Why?
Comparative Genomic Hybridization120205510.200 Why?
Ethics, Clinical12018980.180 Why?
Ethanol2201412170.180 Why?
Ethics, Research120181860.170 Why?
Chromosome Deletion1202013660.160 Why?
Homozygote1202018170.150 Why?
Down Syndrome120206920.140 Why?
In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence1202026030.140 Why?
Central Nervous System Depressants120141610.130 Why?
Minority Groups120188310.120 Why?
Alcohol-Related Disorders120142370.120 Why?
Chromosome Mapping1202049710.120 Why?
Databases, Genetic1201816820.110 Why?
Dendrites120145390.110 Why?
Corpus Striatum2201412470.110 Why?
Ethnic Groups1201832320.080 Why?
Motor Activity1201427870.070 Why?
Phenotype12020152990.070 Why?
Infant12020324900.050 Why?
Rotarod Performance Test12014700.040 Why?
Reflex120143610.030 Why?
Mice, Knockout22014152120.020 Why?
Animals, Newborn1201429510.020 Why?
Humans220206483300.020 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL22014226210.020 Why?
Body Weight1201447310.020 Why?
Female120203597670.010 Why?
Neuropsychological Tests1201465420.010 Why?
Animals220141677580.010 Why?
Mice12014787360.010 Why?
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