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Ethan Grant Jaffee, M.D.

Concepts (50)

Concepts are derived automatically from a person's publications.
Concepts are listed by decreasing relevance which is based on many factors, including how many publications the person wrote about that topic, how long ago those publications were written, and how many publications other people have written on that same topic.
Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Health Literacy220173630.960 Why?
Inpatients2201719460.650 Why?
Imidoesters1201240.530 Why?
Ribosomal Proteins120123700.420 Why?
Vision Disorders120169630.390 Why?
Accidental Falls120169600.390 Why?
Staining and Labeling1201211490.360 Why?
Hospitals1201727400.290 Why?
Length of Stay1201760420.270 Why?
Patient Readmission1201628430.240 Why?
Audiovisual Aids12019960.180 Why?
Escherichia coli K1212012350.130 Why?
Cell Membrane Permeability120126560.110 Why?
Faculty, Medical1201910940.110 Why?
Teaching1201912130.110 Why?
Psychiatry1201914590.090 Why?
Patient Discharge1201625810.070 Why?
Socioeconomic Factors1201777820.060 Why?
Sex Factors12017106780.060 Why?
Internship and Residency1201951410.050 Why?
Feedback120197180.040 Why?
Cohort Studies12017371210.040 Why?
Middle Aged220172107470.030 Why?
Fibrosarcoma119933890.030 Why?
Risk Factors12016668870.030 Why?
Melanoma, Experimental119935860.020 Why?
Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor119939160.020 Why?
Male220173439170.020 Why?
Female320173651990.020 Why?
Immunization1199312510.020 Why?
Education, Medical1201915900.020 Why?
Humans320196607310.020 Why?
Transfection1199363670.020 Why?
Aged120161569370.020 Why?
Colonic Neoplasms1199325040.010 Why?
Carcinoma, Renal Cell1199327520.010 Why?
Kidney Neoplasms1199338150.010 Why?
Lymphocyte Depletion119936470.010 Why?
Retroviridae119939880.010 Why?
Lung Neoplasms11993115540.010 Why?
Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-11199311970.010 Why?
Cell Adhesion Molecules1199316790.000 Why?
Tumor Cells, Cultured1199367410.000 Why?
T-Lymphocyte Subsets1199318810.000 Why?
Mice, Inbred BALB C1199367540.000 Why?
Genetic Vectors1199336010.000 Why?
Antibodies, Monoclonal1199397780.000 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL11993228920.000 Why?
Mice11993791080.000 Why?
Animals119931685010.000 Why?
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