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Alba Font-Tello, Ph.D.

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Tissue Fixation120202570.720 Why?
Paraffin Embedding120203190.720 Why?
Lysine2202010320.600 Why?
Histones2202025800.400 Why?
Oncogene Proteins, Fusion2201616070.380 Why?
Trans-Activators2201930610.280 Why?
Prostatic Neoplasms52021106600.270 Why?
Enhancer Elements, Genetic2201913720.210 Why?
Receptors, Fibroblast Growth Factor120211880.200 Why?
Ikaros Transcription Factor120212250.190 Why?
Chromosomal Proteins, Non-Histone220217500.180 Why?
Transcription Factor AP-1120203280.180 Why?
Phenylurea Compounds120215500.170 Why?
Carcinoma, Lobular120224920.170 Why?
Carcinoma, Neuroendocrine120213180.160 Why?
Drug Resistance, Neoplasm3202252380.160 Why?
Acetylation1202011190.160 Why?
Receptors, Androgen2202010630.160 Why?
Oncogene Proteins120207640.140 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic6202186740.140 Why?
Oncogene Fusion120151100.130 Why?
Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast1202211020.130 Why?
Transcription Factors42021120470.130 Why?
Oncogenes1201712580.100 Why?
Membrane Transport Proteins1201610220.100 Why?
PTEN Phosphohydrolase1201611570.090 Why?
Leukemia, Lymphocytic, Chronic, B-Cell1202115660.090 Why?
Pyrimidines1202129690.090 Why?
Transcription, Genetic2202179470.090 Why?
Breast Neoplasms32022200590.090 Why?
Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 3-alpha220201730.090 Why?
Proto-Oncogene Proteins2201946880.080 Why?
B-Lymphocytes1202149180.080 Why?
Tumor Suppressor Protein p531201729700.070 Why?
Mice, Inbred NOD2202119230.070 Why?
Prostate-Specific Antigen1201522740.070 Why?
Carcinoma1201723250.070 Why?
Signal Transduction42021239730.070 Why?
Proteins1202061630.070 Why?
Urinary Bladder Neoplasms1201720940.070 Why?
Liver1202076470.060 Why?
Neoplasm Staging22017111920.060 Why?
Mice52021809950.060 Why?
Cell Line, Tumor42021169430.060 Why?
Disease Progression22020133020.060 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests22017152580.060 Why?
Pancreatic Neoplasms1201950000.050 Why?
Antineoplastic Agents22021137320.050 Why?
Chromatin2202227310.050 Why?
Genes, cdc120201260.050 Why?
Mediator Complex120201090.050 Why?
Prostate2202016050.050 Why?
Prognosis22022291680.050 Why?
Mutation22021294420.040 Why?
Epigenesis, Genetic2202134600.040 Why?
Animals520211707260.040 Why?
Azepines120203390.040 Why?
Receptors, Antigen, B-Cell120215740.040 Why?
Tamoxifen120229980.040 Why?
Chromatin Assembly and Disassembly120216210.040 Why?
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 4120205310.040 Why?
Drug Synergism1202118780.040 Why?
Regulatory Sequences, Nucleic Acid120207780.040 Why?
GATA3 Transcription Factor120171620.040 Why?
DNA Helicases120218260.040 Why?
Amino Acids1202117520.040 Why?
Data Mining120215430.040 Why?
Nuclear Proteins2202159770.030 Why?
Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors1202111520.030 Why?
Tissue Array Analysis120175740.030 Why?
Epigenomics120208130.030 Why?
Multiprotein Complexes1202111720.030 Why?
Organoids120206510.030 Why?
Humans1320227151240.030 Why?
Monosaccharide Transport Proteins120164330.030 Why?
Triazoles120209220.030 Why?
Histocompatibility Antigens Class I1202114250.030 Why?
Receptors, Estrogen1202221730.030 Why?
Methylation1201711210.030 Why?
Telomere120198290.030 Why?
Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays1202136940.030 Why?
Estrogen Receptor alpha120175830.030 Why?
Neoplasms12021205150.030 Why?
NF-kappa B1202125790.030 Why?
Male620213510810.030 Why?
HEK293 Cells1202043210.020 Why?
Gene Rearrangement1201612080.020 Why?
Cell Lineage1201926110.020 Why?
Molecular Targeted Therapy1202128620.020 Why?
Homeodomain Proteins1201924570.020 Why?
Estradiol1201719840.020 Why?
Tumor Microenvironment1202130710.020 Why?
Down-Regulation1201730910.020 Why?
Cell Cycle Proteins1202035030.020 Why?
Up-Regulation1201743530.020 Why?
Female620223773340.020 Why?
Aged220171626740.020 Why?
Kaplan-Meier Estimate1201767790.020 Why?
Cell Line12020166800.020 Why?
Immunotherapy1202141180.020 Why?
Promoter Regions, Genetic1201760460.020 Why?
Disease-Free Survival1201670510.020 Why?
Biopsy1201767500.020 Why?
Gene Expression Profiling1202195210.020 Why?
Middle Aged220172148710.020 Why?
Protein Binding1201796610.020 Why?
Immunohistochemistry12017117660.010 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL12021229360.010 Why?
Proportional Hazards Models12017124040.010 Why?
Genomics1201753330.010 Why?
Cell Proliferation12017108000.010 Why?
Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols12021113170.010 Why?
Neoplasm Recurrence, Local1201789250.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12017585050.010 Why?
Young Adult12017561550.010 Why?
Treatment Outcome12017621860.010 Why?
Risk Factors12017707040.010 Why?
Adult120172121290.000 Why?
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