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Xiaoge Guo, Ph.D.

Concepts (71)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
DNA, Fungal420183152.260 Why?
Saccharomyces cerevisiae5201828991.140 Why?
Nucleic Acid Heteroduplexes22017540.860 Why?
Mitosis2201712700.820 Why?
DNA Repair3201719390.690 Why?
Exodeoxyribonucleases220171880.650 Why?
DNA Breaks, Double-Stranded220175760.600 Why?
Gene Library1201810930.590 Why?
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins5201820260.540 Why?
RecQ Helicases32018550.500 Why?
DNA Mismatch Repair120133190.440 Why?
DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase120134860.430 Why?
Adenine120135050.410 Why?
High-Throughput Nucleotide Sequencing3201832760.410 Why?
Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide32018149330.210 Why?
Recombination, Genetic3201517610.200 Why?
DNA Polymerase III12017610.170 Why?
Genes, Fungal220154960.160 Why?
Biotechnology120183000.160 Why?
DNA Barcoding, Taxonomic120151330.140 Why?
Yeasts120152980.140 Why?
Open Reading Frames120188410.140 Why?
Conserved Sequence1201812710.140 Why?
Site-Specific DNA-Methyltransferase (Adenine-Specific)12013240.140 Why?
Gene Conversion12013780.140 Why?
Hydro-Lyases120131010.140 Why?
Sequence Deletion1201815870.130 Why?
Point Mutation1201816980.120 Why?
Gene Silencing1201816580.110 Why?
Methylation1201311110.110 Why?
Signal Transduction12013238440.100 Why?
Mutagenesis1201313030.100 Why?
Genetic Linkage1201526120.100 Why?
Nucleic Acid Conformation1201310920.100 Why?
Tissue Donors1201819760.100 Why?
Histone Acetyltransferases120093450.090 Why?
Lymphoma1201518550.080 Why?
DNA Replication1201314660.080 Why?
DNA Mutational Analysis1201543320.080 Why?
Base Sequence12018137410.080 Why?
B-Lymphocytes1201848550.070 Why?
Telomere120098010.070 Why?
Alleles1201569490.070 Why?
Mutation32017278320.060 Why?
Genotype12017128410.060 Why?
Genetic Variation1201864910.060 Why?
Genomics1201545820.050 Why?
Phenotype12017154990.050 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation12018124830.050 Why?
Cell Line, Tumor12015165390.050 Why?
Genes, Synthetic12018960.050 Why?
Reproducibility of Results12015189210.040 Why?
Methyl-CpG-Binding Protein 2120181960.040 Why?
RNA, Guide120182880.040 Why?
Sample Size120187580.040 Why?
Silent Information Regulator Proteins, Saccharomyces cerevisiae12009810.030 Why?
Sirtuin 2120091150.030 Why?
Recombinant Fusion Proteins1201839450.020 Why?
HEK293 Cells1201841690.020 Why?
Epistasis, Genetic120093880.020 Why?
Repressor Proteins1201829700.020 Why?
Acetylation1200911270.020 Why?
Telomerase120097180.020 Why?
Genome, Human1201843670.020 Why?
Computer Simulation1201860960.020 Why?
Multiprotein Complexes1200911570.020 Why?
Gene Deletion1200928790.010 Why?
Histones1200925490.010 Why?
Humans320186607310.010 Why?
Algorithms12018131200.010 Why?
Models, Biological12009101710.010 Why?
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