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Nicole Nadeau, M.D.

Concepts (52)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Pharyngitis220202291.350 Why?
Streptococcal Infections220206451.120 Why?
Patient Transfer220217640.950 Why?
Streptococcus pyogenes220202970.800 Why?
Purpura120201270.750 Why?
Clonidine120191630.720 Why?
Naloxone120193690.620 Why?
Intensive Care Units, Pediatric220219710.580 Why?
Mass Casualty Incidents120171750.520 Why?
Emergency Service, Hospital6202274810.520 Why?
Eating1201914710.460 Why?
Triage120179280.380 Why?
Exudates and Transudates220201810.380 Why?
Emergency Medical Services1201717840.280 Why?
Pediatrics1201735530.210 Why?
Hoarseness12019640.190 Why?
Antidotes120191380.180 Why?
Oral Ulcer120191010.180 Why?
Conjunctivitis120191560.170 Why?
Bradycardia120192820.170 Why?
Child, Preschool42020411810.150 Why?
Consciousness Disorders120192350.150 Why?
Medical Order Entry Systems120225340.150 Why?
Cough120195570.140 Why?
Medication Errors120227750.140 Why?
Exanthema120194570.140 Why?
Influenza Vaccines120226890.140 Why?
Virus Diseases120196840.120 Why?
Diarrhea1201913690.110 Why?
Fever1201915890.110 Why?
Influenza, Human1202213780.100 Why?
Child52022741460.100 Why?
Disaster Planning120175300.100 Why?
Retrospective Studies32021722550.080 Why?
Young Adult22021561550.060 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests12020152580.060 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies22022232830.060 Why?
Humans820227151240.060 Why?
Age Factors12019187890.060 Why?
Adolescent22020849990.050 Why?
Hospitalization1202197180.050 Why?
Female420203773340.050 Why?
Male320203510810.040 Why?
Drug Prescriptions1202216710.030 Why?
Vaccination1202229410.020 Why?
United States12017676650.020 Why?
Parents1202231600.020 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care1202229350.020 Why?
Adult120212121290.020 Why?
Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice1202239500.020 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents1202270450.020 Why?
Pandemics1202272130.010 Why?
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