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Jonathan David Jackson, Ph.D.

Concepts (61)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Attention3201724420.720 Why?
Reaction Time3201321400.630 Why?
Aging4201783090.530 Why?
Cerebrum120111290.400 Why?
Memory Disorders1201711370.390 Why?
Psychomotor Performance1201719520.350 Why?
Executive Function1201713160.340 Why?
Thinking120113150.340 Why?
Memory1201721520.330 Why?
Reading120115440.320 Why?
Cognition Disorders2201740100.290 Why?
Comprehension120115990.290 Why?
Alzheimer Disease3201770970.280 Why?
Nerve Fibers, Myelinated120119900.280 Why?
Health Status Disparities1201617230.270 Why?
African Americans1201751940.220 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1201629870.210 Why?
Cognition1201759480.200 Why?
Neuropsychological Tests3201769690.150 Why?
Amyloid beta-Peptides2201731600.130 Why?
Tauopathies120172910.130 Why?
Socioeconomic Factors2201777400.120 Why?
Educational Status1201723270.100 Why?
Linear Models2201760120.100 Why?
Neoplasms12016204210.080 Why?
tau Proteins1201716290.080 Why?
Age Factors22017189540.080 Why?
Aged, 80 and over52017587520.080 Why?
Awareness120116000.080 Why?
Task Performance and Analysis120118160.080 Why?
Aged720171625920.080 Why?
Motivation1201118660.050 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests12017153160.050 Why?
Male720173518480.050 Why?
Female720173772690.050 Why?
Brain22017249360.050 Why?
Self Report1201134120.050 Why?
Phenanthrolines12017540.040 Why?
Humans820177094310.040 Why?
Middle Aged520172154280.040 Why?
Entorhinal Cortex120172500.040 Why?
Carbolines120172580.040 Why?
Diagnostic Self Evaluation120172300.040 Why?
Young Adult22013561630.040 Why?
Cohort Studies12017396500.030 Why?
Neocortex120173890.030 Why?
Adolescent22013853270.030 Why?
Case-Control Studies12011218740.030 Why?
Aniline Compounds120179530.030 Why?
Parietal Lobe120178200.030 Why?
Frontal Lobe1201714240.030 Why?
Positron-Emission Tomography2201761230.030 Why?
Risk Factors12017702640.030 Why?
Thiazoles1201715510.020 Why?
Temporal Lobe1201716500.020 Why?
Adult220132122980.020 Why?
Radiopharmaceuticals1201727100.020 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies22017229440.020 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging12011340960.020 Why?
Boston1201694090.020 Why?
Longitudinal Studies12016135950.010 Why?
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