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Carolina Dinis Godinho Geadas, M.D.

Concepts (52)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Latent Tuberculosis320181890.830 Why?
Tuberculosis2201817690.340 Why?
Tuberculin Test320182090.210 Why?
Biomedical Research1201632660.200 Why?
Transaminases120212090.200 Why?
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary220188130.200 Why?
Tuberculosis Vaccines22016480.190 Why?
Mycobacterium tuberculosis4201818370.180 Why?
ADP-Ribosylation Factors120181300.160 Why?
Contact Tracing120182580.140 Why?
Tomography, X-Ray Computed12018203080.130 Why?
Lysosomes120189410.120 Why?
Fluorodeoxyglucose F181201819880.090 Why?
Drug Resistance, Bacterial1201610800.090 Why?
Alcohol Drinking1202137130.090 Why?
Antitubercular Agents1201612940.090 Why?
Drug Discovery1201610660.090 Why?
Radiopharmaceuticals1201827080.080 Why?
Cell Membrane1201838920.080 Why?
Anti-HIV Agents1202140620.070 Why?
Liver1202176220.070 Why?
Boston1201894020.070 Why?
HIV Infections22021155380.060 Why?
Macrophages1201857840.060 Why?
Virulence2201813240.060 Why?
Positron-Emission Tomography1201861700.050 Why?
Infectious Disease Medicine12018470.040 Why?
Uganda1202110970.040 Why?
Immune Evasion120183330.030 Why?
Brazil1201811290.030 Why?
Necrosis1201816460.030 Why?
Area Under Curve1201816880.030 Why?
Family Characteristics120189240.030 Why?
Communicable Disease Control120188110.030 Why?
Humans720217088430.020 Why?
Adult320212110410.020 Why?
Middle Aged320212137520.020 Why?
Retrospective Studies12018714830.020 Why?
ROC Curve1201835180.020 Why?
Male320213495240.020 Why?
Host-Pathogen Interactions1201514820.020 Why?
Aged120181614880.020 Why?
Risk1201896410.020 Why?
Prevalence12021147120.020 Why?
Apoptosis12018100850.010 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests12015152520.010 Why?
Risk Factors22016695530.010 Why?
Disease Progression12015132980.010 Why?
Prognosis12015289190.010 Why?
Time Factors12016410380.010 Why?
Adolescent12021847180.010 Why?
Female220213752050.010 Why?
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