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Alessandra Storino, M.D.

Concepts (86)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Comprehension220185980.900 Why?
Neoplasms, Adnexal and Skin Appendage12021230.850 Why?
Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy120216500.610 Why?
Neuroendocrine Tumors120205480.560 Why?
Internet2201830720.540 Why?
Pancreatic Neoplasms5201951160.530 Why?
Consumer Health Information120162290.500 Why?
Internship and Residency3202254860.490 Why?
Burnout, Professional120216140.470 Why?
Lymphatic Metastasis1202129820.470 Why?
Rectal Neoplasms1202011190.450 Why?
Neoplasm Recurrence, Local2202187990.280 Why?
Cholestasis220193480.280 Why?
Colorectal Neoplasms1202264970.230 Why?
Skin Neoplasms1202153190.230 Why?
Rectal Diseases120211520.200 Why?
Writing120221890.200 Why?
Colonic Diseases120212110.190 Why?
Personnel Selection120221950.190 Why?
Industry120223670.190 Why?
Mohs Surgery120211800.180 Why?
Bariatric Surgery220178590.170 Why?
Conflict of Interest120225630.150 Why?
Biliary Tract Surgical Procedures12016520.150 Why?
Digestive System Surgical Procedures120215650.150 Why?
Insulinoma120161170.150 Why?
Organizations, Nonprofit120161140.150 Why?
Government120161470.150 Why?
Amputation120217960.140 Why?
Rectum120208920.140 Why?
Lymph Node Excision1202111690.140 Why?
Ownership120163070.130 Why?
Language1202212020.130 Why?
Mass Media120163140.120 Why?
Colonoscopy1202013310.120 Why?
Complementary Therapies120165210.110 Why?
Kaplan-Meier Estimate1202168140.090 Why?
Hypoglycemia120168020.090 Why?
General Surgery1202116480.090 Why?
Survival Rate22021133640.090 Why?
Databases, Factual2202277690.090 Why?
Retrospective Studies62021706990.090 Why?
Postoperative Complications22021149860.080 Why?
Information Dissemination1201610880.080 Why?
Communication1202133700.080 Why?
Humans1320227060920.080 Why?
Male920223511810.080 Why?
Weight Loss1201724480.070 Why?
Endoscopy1201617450.070 Why?
Patient Education as Topic1201623460.070 Why?
Neoplasm Staging12020112050.070 Why?
Female920223762490.070 Why?
Academic Medical Centers1201627820.070 Why?
Medicare1202255440.070 Why?
Palliative Care1201932630.070 Why?
Stents1201632810.060 Why?
Aged520221622440.060 Why?
Adult320222118170.060 Why?
Emergency Service, Hospital1202173620.060 Why?
United States22022669380.050 Why?
Adenocarcinoma1201964380.050 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies12022228070.050 Why?
Treatment Outcome42020617480.050 Why?
Clinical Trials as Topic1201680240.050 Why?
Middle Aged520212150440.050 Why?
Risk Assessment12021234860.050 Why?
Prospective Studies12021505490.040 Why?
Florida120164360.030 Why?
Retreatment120166280.030 Why?
Length of Stay2201962640.030 Why?
Schools, Medical120218470.030 Why?
Epidemiologic Methods1201713750.030 Why?
Postoperative Period1201618390.030 Why?
Postoperative Care1201715100.030 Why?
Propensity Score1201617230.020 Why?
Chi-Square Distribution1201635920.020 Why?
Time Factors22021412450.020 Why?
Obesity, Morbid1201610550.020 Why?
Patient Discharge1201629260.020 Why?
Odds Ratio12016100040.010 Why?
Patient Readmission1201629290.010 Why?
Risk Factors22021700410.010 Why?
Multivariate Analysis12016125140.010 Why?
Logistic Models12016136010.010 Why?
Child12017736230.010 Why?
Adolescent12017850930.010 Why?
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