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Jehan Alladina, M.D.

Concepts (99)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Ventilator Weaning220211441.370 Why?
Respiratory Insufficiency2202111420.590 Why?
Embolism, Air120141130.530 Why?
Klebsiella Infections120141480.510 Why?
Intracranial Embolism120142150.470 Why?
Klebsiella pneumoniae120142810.470 Why?
Interleukin-62202131920.410 Why?
Coronavirus Infections4202131630.220 Why?
Respiration, Artificial3202124280.210 Why?
Influenza, Human2202113420.200 Why?
Pulmonary Gas Exchange120203770.180 Why?
Respiratory Mucosa120214650.160 Why?
Pneumonia, Viral3202032760.160 Why?
Virus Internalization120214660.160 Why?
Respiratory Mechanics120206430.150 Why?
Influenza A Virus, H1N1 Subtype120204630.150 Why?
Fluid Therapy220206080.150 Why?
Microbial Sensitivity Tests1202119030.140 Why?
Microfluidic Analytical Techniques120217590.140 Why?
Cystitis12014870.140 Why?
Oxygen Inhalation Therapy120163620.120 Why?
Emphysema120142110.120 Why?
Pandemics3202069220.110 Why?
Sequence Analysis, RNA1202120470.110 Why?
Host-Pathogen Interactions1202114890.110 Why?
Single-Cell Analysis1202121670.100 Why?
Internal Medicine120169990.090 Why?
Antiviral Agents1202127440.090 Why?
Teaching1201611930.090 Why?
Fellowships and Scholarships120169640.090 Why?
Patient Selection1202143220.090 Why?
Odds Ratio12021100190.080 Why?
Critical Illness2202124710.080 Why?
Intensive Care Units2202134220.080 Why?
Hospital Mortality1202151170.080 Why?
Administration, Inhalation2202011060.070 Why?
Lung2202196170.070 Why?
Critical Care1201624900.060 Why?
Body Mass Index12021124260.060 Why?
Middle Aged620212154280.060 Why?
Communication1201633950.060 Why?
Cathepsin L12021820.050 Why?
Sepsis1201424380.050 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests12016153160.050 Why?
Prone Position120201790.050 Why?
Male620213518480.050 Why?
Coronavirus120211470.050 Why?
Time Factors12021412950.040 Why?
Obesity12021120080.040 Why?
Humans1220217094310.040 Why?
Adult420212122980.040 Why?
Renal Replacement Therapy120202550.040 Why?
Influenza A virus120214530.040 Why?
Respiratory System120215600.040 Why?
Reference Standards120208900.040 Why?
Patient Positioning120203310.040 Why?
Bronchi120218470.040 Why?
Prostaglandins I12016130.040 Why?
Vasoconstrictor Agents120206320.040 Why?
Internship and Residency1201655270.040 Why?
Aged420211625920.040 Why?
Positive-Pressure Respiration120205990.040 Why?
Helium120161200.040 Why?
Demography1202116170.040 Why?
Organ Specificity1202120730.040 Why?
Vasodilator Agents1202010130.040 Why?
High-Throughput Screening Assays120219320.040 Why?
Serine Endopeptidases1202111250.030 Why?
Lung Diseases, Obstructive120163180.030 Why?
Female520213772690.030 Why?
Renal Insufficiency120207970.030 Why?
Respiratory Tract Infections120219600.030 Why?
Cell Culture Techniques1202117350.030 Why?
Pneumonia, Ventilator-Associated120162560.030 Why?
Equipment Design1202136360.030 Why?
Bronchodilator Agents120165070.030 Why?
Intubation, Intratracheal1202013180.030 Why?
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation1202012320.020 Why?
Lung Diseases1202018900.020 Why?
Massachusetts1202187540.020 Why?
Nitric Oxide1201621090.020 Why?
Adrenal Cortex Hormones1201618500.020 Why?
Cell Line12021167950.020 Why?
Comorbidity12020106210.020 Why?
Hypertension, Pulmonary1201614840.020 Why?
Aged, 80 and over22021587520.020 Why?
Oxygen1201641480.020 Why?
Gene Expression Profiling1202195840.020 Why?
Referral and Consultation1201634480.020 Why?
Diabetes Mellitus1202052310.010 Why?
Smoking1202089400.010 Why?
Hospitalization1202196320.010 Why?
Hypertension1202081500.010 Why?
Cohort Studies12020396500.010 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents1201670710.010 Why?
Risk Factors12021702640.010 Why?
Young Adult12020561630.010 Why?
Retrospective Studies12021711510.010 Why?
United States12016671770.010 Why?
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