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Dragana Rogulja, Ph.D.

Concepts (101)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Sleep Deprivation320208060.910 Why?
Drosophila Proteins6201917720.720 Why?
Circadian Clocks220171560.670 Why?
Sexual Behavior, Animal420191220.670 Why?
Cyclin A22015610.600 Why?
Food Deprivation120161380.580 Why?
Drosophila melanogaster5201917780.550 Why?
Gastrointestinal Tract120208340.500 Why?
Sleep3202041430.460 Why?
Reactive Oxygen Species1202021380.450 Why?
Drosophila4202014670.400 Why?
Cell Cycle Proteins2201535070.250 Why?
Neurons5201993850.220 Why?
Cell Adhesion Molecules1200816730.220 Why?
Motivation3201918680.200 Why?
Mice, Inbred CBA120204860.190 Why?
Calcium-Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase Type 2120191830.180 Why?
Circadian Rhythm Signaling Peptides and Proteins12017320.170 Why?
Animals, Genetically Modified4201915890.140 Why?
CDC2 Protein Kinase120152240.130 Why?
Antioxidants1202016780.110 Why?
Period Circadian Proteins120121020.110 Why?
Neurosciences120163200.110 Why?
Perception1201811720.110 Why?
Genes, Insect120122950.100 Why?
Arousal1201511380.090 Why?
DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases220023760.090 Why?
Dopamine1201615840.090 Why?
Animals1020201704860.090 Why?
Oxidative Stress1202031560.090 Why?
Transcription, Genetic3201779650.090 Why?
Bromodeoxyuridine120083480.080 Why?
Signal Transduction22008239500.080 Why?
RNA Interference2201530260.080 Why?
Neuropeptides120129290.070 Why?
Circadian Rhythm1201725330.070 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental2200838130.070 Why?
Cell Polarity120086540.070 Why?
Clone Cells1200817670.070 Why?
Decision Making1201838020.060 Why?
Xanthomonas12003170.060 Why?
Mosaicism120054500.060 Why?
Protein Transport1200820590.060 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL12020229890.050 Why?
Body Patterning120056430.050 Why?
Sigma Factor120021710.050 Why?
Homeostasis1201233340.050 Why?
Cell Proliferation22008108030.050 Why?
Bacteriophages120033430.050 Why?
Courtship12019310.050 Why?
Satiety Response12019510.050 Why?
Genome, Viral120036760.050 Why?
Brain22019249690.050 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation12017124470.040 Why?
Time Factors22019410380.040 Why?
Cyclic AMP Response Element-Binding Protein120195370.040 Why?
Receptors, Cell Surface1200529130.040 Why?
Escherichia coli3200343160.030 Why?
Male620203495240.030 Why?
Phenotype12012163060.030 Why?
Mice12020808760.030 Why?
Models, Biological1200899070.030 Why?
Two-Hybrid System Techniques220024840.020 Why?
Gene Knockdown Techniques1201517280.020 Why?
Promoter Regions, Genetic1200260680.020 Why?
Trans-Activators1201930530.020 Why?
Bacterial Proteins1200239950.020 Why?
Sequence Homology, Amino Acid2200329260.020 Why?
Blotting, Western1201554560.020 Why?
Amino Acid Sequence32003142150.020 Why?
Potassium Permanganate1200330.020 Why?
Female420193752050.020 Why?
Molecular Sequence Data32003187480.020 Why?
Protein Structure, Tertiary2200239720.020 Why?
Protein Conformation2200240570.010 Why?
Humans220177088430.010 Why?
Holoenzymes12002390.010 Why?
Energy Transfer120021100.010 Why?
Sex Factors12016105660.010 Why?
Rifampin120033020.010 Why?
Thermus12000100.010 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Viral120034720.010 Why?
Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide Gel1200319140.010 Why?
Models, Molecular2200255250.010 Why?
Allosteric Regulation120024230.010 Why?
Nickel120001270.010 Why?
Open Reading Frames120038400.010 Why?
Microscopy, Electron1200328810.010 Why?
Catalysis120008220.010 Why?
Protein Structure, Secondary1200012320.010 Why?
Conserved Sequence1200012460.010 Why?
DNA, Bacterial1200215280.010 Why?
Fungal Proteins120009330.010 Why?
Point Mutation1200016560.010 Why?
Plasmids1200024980.010 Why?
Recombinant Fusion Proteins1200238780.010 Why?
Enzyme Inhibitors1200339360.010 Why?
Sequence Analysis, DNA1200349260.010 Why?
Base Sequence12003133520.010 Why?
Models, Genetic1200035390.010 Why?
Protein Binding1200096390.010 Why?
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