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Aaron Jonathan Deutsch, M.D.

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Vascular Grafting120171600.560 Why?
Amputation120177910.450 Why?
Cardiovascular Agents120178630.400 Why?
Ischemia1201719340.340 Why?
Decision Support Techniques1201720290.300 Why?
Peripheral Arterial Disease1201712060.300 Why?
Endovascular Procedures1201719590.250 Why?
Computer Simulation1201760480.250 Why?
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 212022108570.180 Why?
Pneumonia, Pneumocystis120202430.180 Why?
Cardiology Service, Hospital120192530.160 Why?
Retreatment120176280.140 Why?
HLA-D Antigens120151480.140 Why?
Decision Trees120175210.140 Why?
HLA-C Antigens120151680.140 Why?
Markov Chains120179910.120 Why?
Indians, North American120173630.120 Why?
Granzymes120142810.120 Why?
Amino Acids2201517520.110 Why?
Patient Admission1201913980.110 Why?
Quality-Adjusted Life Years1201715920.100 Why?
Histocompatibility Antigens Class I1201514180.090 Why?
Academic Medical Centers1201927790.090 Why?
Genes, Tumor Suppressor1201110950.080 Why?
Viral Load1201532310.080 Why?
Phenotype22022163060.080 Why?
Host-Pathogen Interactions1201514820.070 Why?
Genetic Predisposition to Disease32017172180.070 Why?
Stents1201733120.070 Why?
Cell Nucleus1201430210.070 Why?
RNA-Binding Proteins1201419200.070 Why?
Critical Illness1201724960.070 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1201929960.060 Why?
African Americans1201951180.060 Why?
RNA1201426800.060 Why?
Intercellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins1201117560.060 Why?
Autoimmune Diseases1201521170.060 Why?
Epistasis, Genetic220153740.060 Why?
Comorbidity12017103390.060 Why?
Health Services Accessibility1201949880.060 Why?
Arthritis, Rheumatoid1201736090.050 Why?
Coronavirus Infections1202031530.050 Why?
Pneumonia, Viral1202032750.050 Why?
Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide32015154850.050 Why?
Neutrophils1201438670.050 Why?
Predictive Value of Tests12017152520.050 Why?
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 11201533540.050 Why?
Risk Factors52019695530.050 Why?
Pneumocystis carinii12020690.050 Why?
DNA1201471720.050 Why?
Risk Assessment22019232840.050 Why?
Time Factors22019410380.040 Why?
Haplotypes2201528740.040 Why?
Lymphopenia120202850.040 Why?
HIV-11201567570.040 Why?
Alaska12017650.040 Why?
Citrulline120171060.040 Why?
Vimentin120172760.040 Why?
Heart Failure12019100400.040 Why?
DNA-Binding Proteins1201497740.040 Why?
MicroRNAs1201136550.040 Why?
Physical Chromosome Mapping120151890.040 Why?
Peptides, Cyclic120174110.030 Why?
Alleles2201770900.030 Why?
Chromosomes, Human, Pair 3120153270.030 Why?
Treatment Outcome22019619320.030 Why?
HLA-B Antigens120153860.030 Why?
Humans1020227088430.030 Why?
CD4 Lymphocyte Count1202025430.030 Why?
Case-Control Studies32017211940.030 Why?
Arginine120179440.030 Why?
Receptors, CCR5120154420.030 Why?
Inheritance Patterns120153440.030 Why?
Active Transport, Cell Nucleus120144520.030 Why?
Canada1201719150.030 Why?
Oncogene Protein v-akt120111390.030 Why?
Genotype22017128630.030 Why?
HCT116 Cells120114120.030 Why?
Female620203752050.020 Why?
K562 Cells120116400.020 Why?
Autoantibodies1201719760.020 Why?
Inpatients1201922070.020 Why?
Health Status Disparities1201917110.020 Why?
Signal Transduction12011239500.020 Why?
Middle Aged220192137520.020 Why?
Polymorphism, Genetic1201742930.020 Why?
Flow Cytometry1201761270.020 Why?
Boston1201994020.020 Why?
Genetic Association Studies1201527090.020 Why?
Patient Readmission1201929520.020 Why?
Genetic Loci1201525870.020 Why?
HeLa Cells1201132580.020 Why?
Models, Genetic1201535390.020 Why?
HEK293 Cells1201443100.020 Why?
CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes1201743830.020 Why?
MAP Kinase Signaling System1201115880.020 Why?
Cell Division1201147520.020 Why?
Gene Regulatory Networks1201117120.010 Why?
Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis1201140650.010 Why?
Pandemics1202070890.010 Why?
Phosphorylation1201187200.010 Why?
Logistic Models12015134680.010 Why?
Cell Cycle Proteins1201135070.010 Why?
Male420193495240.010 Why?
Aged220201614880.010 Why?
Genome-Wide Association Study12015117380.010 Why?
RNA, Messenger12011133140.010 Why?
Cell Proliferation12011108030.010 Why?
Algorithms12015136470.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12019581840.010 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation12011124470.010 Why?
Retrospective Studies12019714830.010 Why?
Adult120152110410.000 Why?
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