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Josh Winston Joseph, M.D.

Concepts (128)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Efficiency520184512.400 Why?
Emergency Service, Hospital16202167092.090 Why?
Emergency Medicine8202110721.410 Why?
Patient Transfer220206981.000 Why?
Workload520208140.940 Why?
Physicians7201938600.760 Why?
Work Schedule Tolerance220205280.750 Why?
Internship and Residency6202150570.720 Why?
Resource Allocation120203600.720 Why?
Skilled Nursing Facilities120202700.720 Why?
Workflow220206730.660 Why?
Medication Reconciliation120161310.580 Why?
Veins120187830.530 Why?
Medical Staff, Hospital120186170.520 Why?
Efficiency, Organizational220207300.490 Why?
Emergency Medical Services1202016310.420 Why?
Tissue Banks220082040.420 Why?
Medication Errors120167520.410 Why?
Women220082330.400 Why?
Attitude220086590.320 Why?
Critical Care1201822690.300 Why?
Models, Theoretical1201836110.300 Why?
Retrospective Studies132021622130.280 Why?
Siblings120087960.270 Why?
Living Donors120085590.270 Why?
Hospitalization1202085770.230 Why?
Audiovisual Aids12019960.200 Why?
Waiting Lists220206430.200 Why?
Crowding120201550.190 Why?
Attitude to Health1200821810.180 Why?
Pregnancy Outcome1200824190.180 Why?
Health Services Misuse120192410.180 Why?
New England120209920.180 Why?
Gases120181880.180 Why?
Blood Gas Analysis120184370.170 Why?
Health Plan Implementation120193560.160 Why?
Models, Organizational120205910.160 Why?
Algorithms12016130710.150 Why?
Humans2620216538690.150 Why?
Education, Medical, Graduate2201719900.140 Why?
Time Factors12017416380.140 Why?
Medical Order Entry Systems120195210.140 Why?
Clinical Competence2202045240.130 Why?
Kidney1200866210.120 Why?
Personnel Staffing and Scheduling120175040.120 Why?
Health Services Research1202018460.120 Why?
Female1720213624040.120 Why?
Patient Admission1201913890.120 Why?
Male1520213414130.110 Why?
Neural Pathways3201129200.110 Why?
Periodicals as Topic1202014340.100 Why?
Heart Rate1201941380.090 Why?
United States62020624540.090 Why?
Bioethics120081120.090 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care1202128250.080 Why?
Communication1201930220.080 Why?
Adult1220212048320.080 Why?
Inpatients1201618970.080 Why?
Telemedicine1202019630.080 Why?
Gyrus Cinguli1201110400.080 Why?
Diffusion Tensor Imaging2201119120.070 Why?
Resuscitation120096310.070 Why?
Brain Mapping2201162440.070 Why?
Electronic Health Records2201935490.070 Why?
Anxiety1201833370.070 Why?
Thalamus120109070.070 Why?
Ethics, Medical120088170.060 Why?
Multivariate Analysis12017127250.060 Why?
Stress, Psychological1201840730.060 Why?
Nephrectomy1200810100.060 Why?
Aged620211556250.060 Why?
Middle Aged820212092240.060 Why?
Data Collection2200932800.060 Why?
Fetal Blood1200812830.060 Why?
Executive Function1201011510.060 Why?
Prefrontal Cortex1201119140.060 Why?
Mothers2200818520.060 Why?
Databases, Factual1201674450.050 Why?
Time and Motion Studies120201560.050 Why?
Cohort Studies22019368740.050 Why?
Brain Injuries1201017900.050 Why?
Time120195290.050 Why?
Hypertension1201676400.040 Why?
Faculty120192740.040 Why?
Tomography, X-Ray Computed12020199750.040 Why?
Emotions1200822050.040 Why?
Pilot Projects2201975410.040 Why?
Nerve Net1200820210.040 Why?
Physicians, Women120214090.040 Why?
Cognition Disorders1201039300.040 Why?
Depressive Disorder, Major1201140360.040 Why?
Heart Failure1201684290.040 Why?
Attitude of Health Personnel1200938520.040 Why?
Video Recording120199750.030 Why?
Nerve Fibers, Myelinated2201110060.030 Why?
Patient Care120195620.030 Why?
Pediatrics1200934590.030 Why?
Burnout, Professional120194800.030 Why?
Interviews as Topic1201926510.030 Why?
Interpersonal Relations1201914090.030 Why?
Educational Measurement1201912720.030 Why?
Child42019678340.030 Why?
Cerebral Cortex1200855710.030 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies22021199830.030 Why?
Age Factors12008189740.030 Why?
Adolescent32019820220.020 Why?
Students, Medical1201914750.020 Why?
Academic Medical Centers1201926960.020 Why?
Neuroanatomy12008630.020 Why?
Pregnancy12008244470.020 Why?
Contrast Media1202052440.020 Why?
Patient Satisfaction1201933240.020 Why?
Anisotropy1201011560.020 Why?
Sex Factors12021106180.020 Why?
Boston1201993930.020 Why?
Electrocardiography1201962590.020 Why?
Infant, Newborn12019230470.010 Why?
Incidence12018195950.010 Why?
Young Adult22019534410.010 Why?
Infant12019327320.010 Why?
Child, Preschool12019399610.010 Why?
Neuropsychological Tests1201065950.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12019573740.010 Why?
Chronic Disease1200986490.010 Why?
Case-Control Studies12011210800.010 Why?
Diagnostic Imaging1200833590.010 Why?
Brain12010230970.000 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging12010317840.000 Why?
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