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Kelly Chiu, M.D.

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
In Situ Hybridization2199619430.210 Why?
Video Games120201830.160 Why?
Receptors, Cholinergic119962370.130 Why?
Receptors, Nicotinic119964960.110 Why?
Muscle Fibers, Skeletal119965580.110 Why?
Digoxigenin21996260.070 Why?
Oligonucleotide Probes219964250.070 Why?
Telemedicine1202228020.070 Why?
Chick Embryo219969800.060 Why?
RNA, Messenger21996130560.060 Why?
Alkaline Phosphatase219968620.060 Why?
Thymidine Kinase120012960.050 Why?
Ganciclovir120012570.050 Why?
Mammary Neoplasms, Experimental120015260.040 Why?
Herpes Simplex120014640.040 Why?
Nitroblue Tetrazolium11996170.040 Why?
Costs and Cost Analysis1202216730.040 Why?
Diazonium Compounds11996180.040 Why?
Sulfur Radioisotopes119961160.040 Why?
Single-Blind Method1202015860.040 Why?
Indicators and Reagents119964630.030 Why?
Exercise2202255700.030 Why?
Sodium Chloride119966290.030 Why?
Coloring Agents119965660.030 Why?
Cells, Cultured21996193110.020 Why?
Antiviral Agents1200129460.020 Why?
Base Sequence11996128640.020 Why?
Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic1202097570.010 Why?
Child22022767000.010 Why?
Gene Expression1199678160.010 Why?
Body Mass Index12020126350.010 Why?
Pandemics1202281680.010 Why?
Radiobiology12001920.010 Why?
Muscle, Skeletal1199649530.010 Why?
Obesity12020126530.010 Why?
Adenoviridae1200110970.010 Why?
Animals420011687350.010 Why?
Lizards11975560.010 Why?
Radiotherapy Dosage1200128750.010 Why?
Corticosterone119753130.010 Why?
Tumor Cells, Cultured1200163180.010 Why?
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone119756490.010 Why?
Adrenal Glands119755450.010 Why?
Mice, Inbred BALB C1200164040.010 Why?
Genetic Vectors1200134200.010 Why?
Combined Modality Therapy1200186010.010 Why?
Survival Analysis12001102610.010 Why?
Humans220227369400.000 Why?
Lung Neoplasms12001129920.000 Why?
Pregnenolone11975270.000 Why?
Chromatography, Thin Layer119752260.000 Why?
Mice12001805640.000 Why?
Body Weight1197546660.000 Why?
Sex Factors11975103860.000 Why?
Male119753490250.000 Why?
Female119753785100.000 Why?
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