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profileDaniel B Polley, PH.D.

TitleAssociate Professor of Otolaryngology
InstitutionMassachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
AddressMassachusetts Eye & Ear Infrm
ENT Education Office
243 Charles St
Boston MA 02114
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R01DC017078     (POLLEY, DANIEL B.)Mar 1, 2018 - Feb 28, 2023
Corticofugal Circuits for Active Listening
Role: Principal Investigator

R21DC012894     (POLLEY, DANIEL B.)Feb 1, 2013 - Jan 31, 2015
A chemical-genetic approach to decipher the function of corticothalamic feedback
Role: Principal Investigator

R03DC009488     (POLLEY, DANIEL B.)Feb 15, 2009 - Jan 31, 2012
The Auditory Phenotype of Kv Channel Gene Mutations
Role: Principal Investigator

R01DC009836     (POLLEY, DANIEL B.)Nov 30, 2008 - Aug 31, 2019
Activity-Dependent Influences on Auditory Circuits
Role: Principal Investigator

F32DC005711     (POLLEY, DANIEL B)Apr 15, 2002 - Mar 31, 2005
Attentional Regulation of Plasticity in Auditory Cortex
Role: Principal Investigator

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  1. Gao X, Tao Y, Lamas V, Huang M, Yeh WH, Pan B, Hu YJ, Hu JH, Thompson DB, Shu Y, Li Y, Wang H, Yang S, Xu Q, Polley DB, Liberman MC, Kong WJ, Holt JR, Chen ZY, Liu DR. Treatment of autosomal dominant hearing loss by in vivo delivery of genome editing agents. Nature. 2018 Jan 11; 553(7687):217-221. PMID: 29258297.
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  2. Chambers AR, Pilati N, Balaram P, Large CH, Kaczmarek LK, Polley DB. Pharmacological modulation of Kv3.1 mitigates auditory midbrain temporal processing deficits following auditory nerve damage. Sci Rep. 2017 Dec 13; 7(1):17496. PMID: 29235497.
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  3. Whitton JP, Hancock KE, Shannon JM, Polley DB. Audiomotor Perceptual Training Enhances Speech Intelligibility in Background Noise. Curr Biol. 2017 Nov 06; 27(21):3237-3247.e6. PMID: 29056453.
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  4. Guo W, Clause AR, Barth-Maron A, Polley DB. A Corticothalamic Circuit for Dynamic Switching between Feature Detection and Discrimination. Neuron. 2017 Jul 05; 95(1):180-194.e5. PMID: 28625486.
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  5. Resnik J, Polley DB. Fast-spiking GABA circuit dynamics in the auditory cortex predict recovery of sensory processing following peripheral nerve damage. Elife. 2017 03 21; 6. PMID: 28323619.
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  6. Polley DB. Multisensory Conflict Resolution: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Neuron. 2017 Feb 22; 93(4):725-727. PMID: 28231459.
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  7. Sloas DC, Zhuo R, Xue H, Chambers AR, Kolaczyk E, Polley DB, Sen K. Interactions across Multiple Stimulus Dimensions in Primary Auditory Cortex. eNeuro. 2016 Jul-Aug; 3(4). PMID: 27622211; PMCID: PMC5008244.
  8. Chambers AR, Salazar JJ, Polley DB. Persistent Thalamic Sound Processing Despite Profound Cochlear Denervation. Front Neural Circuits. 2016; 10:72. PMID: 27630546; PMCID: PMC5005347.
  9. Whitton JP, Hancock KE, Shannon JM, Polley DB. Validation of a Self-Administered Audiometry Application: An Equivalence Study. Laryngoscope. 2016 10; 126(10):2382-8. PMID: 27140227.
    View in: PubMed
  10. Chambers AR, Resnik J, Yuan Y, Whitton JP, Edge AS, Liberman MC, Polley DB. Central Gain Restores Auditory Processing following Near-Complete Cochlear Denervation. Neuron. 2016 Feb 17; 89(4):867-79. PMID: 26833137; PMCID: PMC4760846 [Available on 02/17/17].
  11. Kaplan AB, Kozin ED, Remenschneider A, Eftekhari K, Jung DH, Polley DB, Lee DJ. Amblyaudia: Review of Pathophysiology, Clinical Presentation, and Treatment of a New Diagnosis. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2016 Feb; 154(2):247-55. PMID: 26556464.
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  12. Hackett TA, Guo Y, Clause A, Hackett NJ, Garbett K, Zhang P, Polley DB, Mirnics K. Transcriptional maturation of the mouse auditory forebrain. BMC Genomics. 2015 Aug 14; 16:606. PMID: 26271746; PMCID: PMC4536593.
  13. Hackett TA, Clause AR, Takahata T, Hackett NJ, Polley DB. Differential maturation of vesicular glutamate and GABA transporter expression in the mouse auditory forebrain during the first weeks of hearing. Brain Struct Funct. 2016 06; 221(5):2619-73. PMID: 26159773; PMCID: PMC4707137 [Available on 06/01/17].
  14. Williamson RS, Hancock KE, Shinn-Cunningham BG, Polley DB. Locomotion and Task Demands Differentially Modulate Thalamic Audiovisual Processing during Active Search. Curr Biol. 2015 Jul 20; 25(14):1885-91. PMID: 26119749; PMCID: PMC4511122.
  15. Guo W, Hight AE, Chen JX, Klapoetke NC, Hancock KE, Shinn-Cunningham BG, Boyden ES, Lee DJ, Polley DB. Hearing the light: neural and perceptual encoding of optogenetic stimulation in the central auditory pathway. Sci Rep. 2015 May 22; 5:10319. PMID: 26000557; PMCID: PMC4441320.
  16. Darrow KN, Slama MC, Kozin ED, Owoc M, Hancock K, Kempfle J, Edge A, Lacour S, Boyden E, Polley D, Brown MC, Lee DJ. Optogenetic stimulation of the cochlear nucleus using channelrhodopsin-2 evokes activity in the central auditory pathways. Brain Res. 2015 Mar 02; 1599:44-56. PMID: 25481416; PMCID: PMC4859340.
  17. Kanold PO, Nelken I, Polley DB. Local versus global scales of organization in auditory cortex. Trends Neurosci. 2014 Sep; 37(9):502-10. PMID: 25002236; PMCID: PMC4152386.
  18. Chambers AR, Hancock KE, Sen K, Polley DB. Online stimulus optimization rapidly reveals multidimensional selectivity in auditory cortical neurons. J Neurosci. 2014 Jul 02; 34(27):8963-75. PMID: 24990917; PMCID: PMC4078078.
  19. Whitton JP, Hancock KE, Polley DB. Immersive audiomotor game play enhances neural and perceptual salience of weak signals in noise. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Jun 24; 111(25):E2606-15. PMID: 24927596; PMCID: PMC4078866.
  20. Hollenberg MD, Mihara K, Polley D, Suen JY, Han A, Fairlie DP, Ramachandran R. Biased signalling and proteinase-activated receptors (PARs): targeting inflammatory disease. Br J Pharmacol. 2014 Mar; 171(5):1180-94. PMID: 24354792; PMCID: PMC3952797.
  21. Schreiner CE, Polley DB. Auditory map plasticity: diversity in causes and consequences. Curr Opin Neurobiol. 2014 Feb; 24(1):143-56. PMID: 24492090; PMCID: PMC4206409.
  22. Davidson CE, Asaduzzaman M, Arizmendi NG, Polley D, Wu Y, Gordon JR, Hollenberg MD, Cameron L, Vliagoftis H. Proteinase-activated receptor-2 activation participates in allergic sensitization to house dust mite allergens in a murine model. Clin Exp Allergy. 2013 Nov; 43(11):1274-85. PMID: 24152160.
    View in: PubMed
  23. Yuan Y, Shi F, Yin Y, Tong M, Lang H, Polley DB, Liberman MC, Edge AS. Ouabain-induced cochlear nerve degeneration: synaptic loss and plasticity in a mouse model of auditory neuropathy. J Assoc Res Otolaryngol. 2014 Feb; 15(1):31-43. PMID: 24113829; PMCID: PMC3901858.
  24. Xiong XR, Liang F, Li H, Mesik L, Zhang KK, Polley DB, Tao HW, Xiao Z, Zhang LI. Interaural level difference-dependent gain control and synaptic scaling underlying binaural computation. Neuron. 2013 Aug 21; 79(4):738-53. PMID: 23972599; PMCID: PMC3755964.
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  27. Nichols HL, Saffeddine M, Theriot BS, Hegde A, Polley D, El-Mays T, Vliagoftis H, Hollenberg MD, Wilson EH, Walker JK, DeFea KA. ß-Arrestin-2 mediates the proinflammatory effects of proteinase-activated receptor-2 in the airway. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012 Oct 09; 109(41):16660-5. PMID: 23012429; PMCID: PMC3478622.
  28. Guo W, Chambers AR, Darrow KN, Hancock KE, Shinn-Cunningham BG, Polley DB. Robustness of cortical topography across fields, laminae, anesthetic states, and neurophysiological signal types. J Neurosci. 2012 Jul 04; 32(27):9159-72. PMID: 22764225; PMCID: PMC3402176.
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  30. Chambers AR, Hancock KE, Maison SF, Liberman MC, Polley DB. Sound-evoked olivocochlear activation in unanesthetized mice. J Assoc Res Otolaryngol. 2012 Apr; 13(2):209-217. PMID: 22160753; PMCID: PMC3298614.
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  39. Spankovich C, Hood LJ, Wesley Grantham D, Polley DB. Application of frequency modulated chirp stimuli for rapid and sensitive ABR measurements in the rat. Hear Res. 2008 Nov; 245(1-2):92-7. PMID: 18812220.
    View in: PubMed
  40. McLean MJ, Engström S, Qinkun Z, Spankovich C, Polley DB, Polley D. Effects of a static magnetic field on audiogenic seizures in black Swiss mice. Epilepsy Res. 2008 Aug; 80(2-3):119-31. PMID: 18541409.
    View in: PubMed
  41. Keeling MD, Calhoun BM, Krüger K, Polley DB, Schreiner CE. Spectral integration plasticity in cat auditory cortex induced by perceptual training. Exp Brain Res. 2008 Feb; 184(4):493-509. PMID: 17896103; PMCID: PMC2474628.
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    View in: PubMed
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    View in: PubMed
  44. Polley DB, Steinberg EE, Merzenich MM. Perceptual learning directs auditory cortical map reorganization through top-down influences. J Neurosci. 2006 May 03; 26(18):4970-82. PMID: 16672673.
    View in: PubMed
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    View in: PubMed
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  47. Polley DB, Rickert JL, Frostig RD. Whisker-based discrimination of object orientation determined with a rapid training paradigm. Neurobiol Learn Mem. 2005 Mar; 83(2):134-42. PMID: 15721797.
    View in: PubMed
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    View in: PubMed
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    View in: PubMed
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    View in: PubMed
  52. Polley DB, Chen-Bee CH, Frostig RD. Varying the degree of single-whisker stimulation differentially affects phases of intrinsic signals in rat barrel cortex. J Neurophysiol. 1999 Feb; 81(2):692-701. PMID: 10036270.
    View in: PubMed
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