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Laura Christine Collins, M.D.

Co-Authors (98)

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Number of
Co-Author Score Why?
Stuart Jay Schnitt, M.D.2021757.190 Why?
Ann Hart Partridge, M.D.2021112.510 Why?
A Heather Eliassen, Sc.D.2021192.090 Why?
Graham Andrew Colditz, M.D., Dr.P.H., M.B.,B.S.2020261.730 Why?
Yu Jing Jan Heng, Ph.D.2021121.660 Why?
James Leo Connolly, M.D.2021261.450 Why?
Judy Ellen Garber, M.D.2021151.290 Why?
Suzanne W. Fletcher, M.D.201581.260 Why?
Bernard Alfred Rosner, Ph.D.2021261.190 Why?
Nadine Muskatel Tung, M.D.202081.100 Why?
Steven Eliot Come, M.D.2021111.020 Why?
Vanda Torous, M.D.202050.920 Why?
Heather Joanne Baer, Sc.D.2014110.880 Why?
Larissa Nekhlyudov, M.D.201580.790 Why?
Gabrielle Marie Baker, M.D.2021100.750 Why?
Aditi Hazra, Ph.D.201960.590 Why?
Philip Poorvu, M.D.202140.580 Why?
Andrea Romanos-Nanclares, Ph.D.202120.490 Why?
Jeffrey Matthew Peppercorn, M.D.202150.480 Why?
Walter C. Willett, Dr.P.H., M.D.2021120.470 Why?
Eric Paul Winer, M.D.202050.450 Why?
Jaymin M. Patel, M.D.202020.450 Why?
Tari Ann King, M.D.202040.360 Why?
Allison Michelle Onken, M.D.202130.360 Why?
Kornelia Polyak, Ph.D., M.D.202040.250 Why?
Tal Sella, M.D.202010.230 Why?
Heather Anne Parsons, M.D.202010.220 Why?
Brittany Charlton, Sc.D.202010.220 Why?
Erica T Warner, Sc.D.201620.220 Why?
Brian Michael Alexander, M.D.201020.210 Why?
Rinaa S. Punglia, M.D.201810.200 Why?
Michelle D. Holmes, Dr.P.H., M.D.201730.200 Why?
Stacey Ann Missmer, Sc.D.201610.170 Why?
Michele R Hacker, Sc.D.202030.150 Why?
Gordon James Freeman, Ph.D.202030.150 Why?
Rinath Malka Jeselsohn, M.D.201310.140 Why?
Xuehong Zhang, D.Sc., B.M.201210.130 Why?
Sandro Santagata, Ph.D., M.D.201110.120 Why?
Frank B. Hu, Ph.D., M.D.202120.120 Why?
Laura Dominici, M.D.202020.120 Why?
Yaileen Denisse Guzman-Arocho, M.D.202020.120 Why?
Edward Thompson Richardson III, M.D.,Ph.D., Ph.D.202020.110 Why?
Andreea Lucia Stancu, M.D.202120.110 Why?
Mark M Pomerantz, M.D.202020.110 Why?
Matthew Lawrence Freedman, M.D.202020.110 Why?
Abram Recht, M.D.200720.100 Why?
Donna Lynn Spiegelman, S.D.202020.100 Why?
Susan Carole Lester, M.D., Ph.D.201630.100 Why?
Rebecca Sue Gelman, Ph.D.201040.090 Why?
Jessica Kelly Creedon, M.D.200710.090 Why?
Liza Marie Quintana, M.D.201720.090 Why?
Nancy U. Lin, M.D.202020.090 Why?
Sareh Parangi, M.D.200610.090 Why?
Ian Elliott Krop, M.D.,Ph.D.202020.080 Why?
Stephanie A. Smith-Warner, Ph.D.201620.080 Why?
Barbara J. McNeil, Ph.D., M.D.200410.070 Why?
Etta Driscoll Pisano, M.D.200410.070 Why?
Wendy Yvonne Chen, M.D.201320.070 Why?
Valerie Fein-Zachary, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Gerburg Wulf, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Richard Alan Bartlett, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Adam M. Tobias, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Dennis Charles Sgroi, M.D.201020.060 Why?
Jennifer A. Ligibel, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Todd Robert Golub, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Matthew Langer Meyerson, Ph.D., M.D.202010.060 Why?
Lorenzo Trippa, Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
Donna S. Neuberg, D.Sc.202010.060 Why?
Erica L. Mayer, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Atish Dipankar Choudhury, Ph.D., M.D.202010.060 Why?
Nikhil Wagle, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Gerassimos M. Makrigiorgos, Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
Gad A Getz, Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
Ofir Cohen, Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
Jennifer Elizabeth Potter, M.D.202010.050 Why?
Ji-Heui Seo, Ph.D.201910.050 Why?
Mehra Golshan, M.D.201810.050 Why?
David J. Hunter, Sc.D., M.B.,B.S.201810.050 Why?
Constance D Lehman, Ph.D., M.D.201810.050 Why?
Elizabeth Mittendorf, Ph.D., M.D.201810.050 Why?
Anthony Laurie Abner, M.D.199810.050 Why?
Molin Wang, Ph.D.201610.040 Why?
Scott J. Rodig, Ph.D., M.D.201610.040 Why?
Chris Sander, Ph.D.201510.040 Why?
Andrew David Cherniack, Ph.D.201510.040 Why?
Barbara Sprague Herrmann, Ph.D.201310.040 Why?
Denise W. Gee, M.D.201310.040 Why?
Suzanne Kay Freitag, M.D.201310.040 Why?
Rina Zelmann, Ph.D.201310.040 Why?
George Miltiades Eliopoulos, M.D.199310.040 Why?
Meredith M Regan, Sc.D.201310.030 Why?
James Dirk Iglehart, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Joseph Loscalzo, M.D., Ph.D.199210.030 Why?
David Curtis Wilbur, M.D.201110.030 Why?
Alan David D'Andrea, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Amy Elizabeth Comander, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Nicholas Edward Tawa Jr., Ph.D., M.D.200610.020 Why?
Lawrence Nathan Shulman, M.D.199810.010 Why?
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