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Alexandra Jacqueline Golby, M.D.

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Available: 09/01/18, Expires: 07/01/20

The Golby Lab is a surgical brain-mapping laboratory, affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Dr. Alexandra Golby leads a team of researchers using advanced structural and functional MRI and brain electrophysiology as tools to develop better surgical treatment for patients with brain tumors and epilepsy. This translational research project, brings information gained in the laboratory directly to the clinical setting, therefore providing more effective care for patients with brain disorders. This project specifically seeks to improve pre-surgical brain mapping techniques for patients with brain tumors and epilepsy. We also are investigating the brain bases of cognitive processes including memory and language function.

3D Ultrasound Imaging for Brain Shift Tracking and Correction
Summer, 06/16/14 - 08/15/14
Evaluating the relationship between the tumor infiltration index and tumor proximity
Summer, 06/19/06 - 08/11/06
fMRI for Surgical Planning
Summer, 07/01/03 - 08/31/03

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  1. R21CA198740 (GOLBY, ALEXANDRA J) Jul 1, 2015 - Jun 30, 2017
    Resting-state fMRI for Language Mapping in Brain Tumor Patients
    Role: Principal Investigator
  2. R21NS075728 (GOLBY, ALEXANDRA J) Apr 1, 2012 - Mar 31, 2014
    Pre-surgical Language Mapping with fMRI using a Natural Viewing Condition
    Role: Principal Investigator
  3. R21CA156943 (GOLBY, ALEXANDRA J) Jul 6, 2011 - Jun 30, 2014
    Rapid Analysis of Intraoperatively Acquired DTI for Identification of Key White M
    Role: Principal Investigator
  4. U41RR019703 (JOLESZ, FERENC A) Sep 29, 2005 - Jul 31, 2010
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator
  5. R01NS049251 (MIGA, MICHAEL IAN) Aug 1, 2004 - Apr 30, 2019
    Multimodal Registration of the Brain's Cortical Surface
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    View in: PubMed
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    View in: PubMed
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