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Meir Jonathan Stampfer, Dr.P.H., M.D.

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Number of
Co-Author Score Why?
Walter C. Willett, Dr.P.H., M.D.202258025.530 Why?
Edward L. Giovannucci, D.Sc., M.D.202130813.550 Why?
Frank B. Hu, Ph.D., M.D.202214910.610 Why?
Eric Bruce Rimm, Sc.D.202222010.060 Why?
Lorelei Mucci, Sc.D.20211088.000 Why?
JoAnn Manson, Dr.P.H., M.D.20222207.200 Why?
Graham Andrew Colditz, M.D., Dr.P.H., M.B.,B.S.20172945.950 Why?
Gary Craig Curhan, Sc.D., M.D.2017535.850 Why?
Kathryn L Penney, Sc.D.2021395.010 Why?
Iris Shai, Ph.D.2021344.230 Why?
David J. Hunter, Sc.D., M.B.,B.S.20171343.810 Why?
Frank Erwin Speizer, M.D.20201713.790 Why?
Bernard Alfred Rosner, Ph.D.20211683.650 Why?
Brian Matthew Wolpin, M.D.2021293.590 Why?
Peter Kraft, Ph.D.2021673.540 Why?
J. Michael Gaziano, M.D.2019842.960 Why?
Howard David Sesso, Sc.D.2021662.590 Why?
Shilpa Bhupathiraju, Ph.D.2022132.270 Why?
Stephanie A. Smith-Warner, Ph.D.2021192.210 Why?
Paul M. Ridker, M.D.2017452.190 Why?
Alberto B. Ascherio, D.P.H., M.D.2006592.010 Why?
Jorge E. Chavarro, Sc.D., M.D.2020221.900 Why?
Massimo Loda, M.D.2019321.790 Why?
Philip Kantoff, M.D.2019421.670 Why?
Kenneth J. Mukamal, M.D.202081.560 Why?
Kimmie Ng, M.D.2021201.550 Why?
Marta Guasch-Ferre, Ph.D.202241.520 Why?
Andrew Tan Chan, M.D.2021201.480 Why?
Julie Elizabeth Buring, Sc.D.2019501.440 Why?
Timothy Smith, M.D., Ph.D.202281.410 Why?
Shuji Ogino, Ph.D., M.D.2021221.310 Why?
Tianyi Huang, D.Sc.202261.290 Why?
Eva S Schernhammer, D.P.H., M.D.2021161.230 Why?
Laila Al-Shaar202261.230 Why?
Kathryn Marian Rexrode, M.D.2022351.180 Why?
Dong Wang, Sc.D., M.D.202261.140 Why?
Chen Yuan, Sc.D., B.M.202171.080 Why?
Frank Martin Sacks, M.D.2020321.050 Why?
Ana Babic, Ph.D.2021131.040 Why?
Matthew Lawrence Freedman, M.D.2016160.970 Why?
Susan Redline, M.D.202270.970 Why?
Carlos Arturo Camargo Jr., Dr.P.H., M.D.2017180.900 Why?
Michelangelo Fiorentino, Ph.D., M.D.2017210.880 Why?
Wafaie W. Fawzi, Ph.D., M.B.,B.S.202150.870 Why?
Sarah Coseo Markt201990.830 Why?
Sabri Bromage, Sc.D.202140.780 Why?
Janet Wilson Rich-Edwards, Sc.D.2020180.780 Why?
Kana Wu, Ph.D., M.D.2021120.760 Why?
Ichiro Kawachi, Ph.D., M.B.,Ch.B.2016270.750 Why?
Edward R. Laws, M.D.202230.730 Why?
Ursula Brigitte Kaiser, M.D.202230.730 Why?
Nader Rifai, Ph.D.2016270.690 Why?
Teresa Toiyee Fung, S.D.2021110.680 Why?
Donna Lynn Spiegelman, S.D.2018260.640 Why?
Hans-Olov Adami, Ph.D., M.D., M.B.2015160.620 Why?
Tobias Kurth, M.D.2011190.580 Why?
Svitlana Tyekucheva, Ph.D.201750.570 Why?
A Heather Eliassen, Sc.D.202280.560 Why?
Neil Everett Martin, M.D.2017120.550 Why?
Long Nguyen, M.D.202140.550 Why?
Yanping Li, M.D.202030.550 Why?
Michelle D. Holmes, Dr.P.H., M.D.2021110.510 Why?
Emilie Sela Zoltick, Sc.D.202140.510 Why?
Sharon Ellen Curhan, M.D.201540.500 Why?
Changzheng Yuan202140.470 Why?
Jeffrey A Meyerhardt, M.D.2021100.470 Why?
Unnur Valdimarsdottir, Ph.D.2016100.440 Why?
Mark A Preston, M.D.201840.430 Why?
Adam Kibel, M.D.201680.420 Why?
Steven W. Lockley, Ph.D.201660.410 Why?
Jae Hee Kang, Sc.D.202080.400 Why?
Qi Sun, D.Sc., M.D.201250.390 Why?
Katharina Nimptsch, Ph.D.201760.380 Why?
Douglas Adam Rubinson, M.D., Ph.D.201990.380 Why?
Paul Linh Nguyen, M.D.201760.360 Why?
John Phillip Forman, M.D.200940.340 Why?
Rob M. Van Dam, Ph.D.201680.330 Why?
Robert James Glynn, Sc.D., Ph.D.2017130.320 Why?
Immaculata De Vivo, Ph.D.201790.320 Why?
Caren Grossbard Solomon, M.D.2002110.310 Why?
Danielle Nina Margalit, M.D.201530.300 Why?
Curtis Huttenhower, Ph.D.202220.290 Why?
Mark M Pomerantz, M.D.201540.280 Why?
Olivia Ifeoma Okereke, M.D.201350.280 Why?
Ravi I. Thadhani, M.D.200840.260 Why?
Charles Andrew Czeisler, M.D., Ph.D.201670.260 Why?
Kaumudi Jinraj Joshipura, S.D., B.D.S.200860.250 Why?
Chaoran Ma, Ph.D.202110.240 Why?
Erin K. Lake, Sc.D.202110.240 Why?
Barbra Dickerman201920.230 Why?
Karen Harte Costenbader, M.D.200930.220 Why?
Tracey Simon, M.D.202010.210 Why?
Qibin Qi, Ph.D.202220.210 Why?
I-Min Lee, Sc.D., M.B.,B.S.202040.200 Why?
Lu Qi, Ph.D., M.D.201920.200 Why?
Samuel Zachary Goldhaber, M.D.1997120.190 Why?
Jared Ross Mayers, M.D.201620.190 Why?
Weilong Zheng, D.Ph.201940.180 Why?
Kazuko Yoshizawa, Sc.D.200330.180 Why?
Jonathan Daniel Schoenfeld, M.D.201620.170 Why?
Elizabeth Mostofsky, S.D.201610.170 Why?
Wenjie Ma, D.Sc.202130.170 Why?
Tyler John VanderWeele, Ph.D.201610.170 Why?
Jaime Hart, Sc.D.202030.160 Why?
Raaj Shishir Mehta, M.D.202030.160 Why?
Amit Joshi, Ph.D., M.B.,B.S.202030.160 Why?
David Alden Drew, Ph.D.202030.160 Why?
Daniel Rahmin Sikavi, M.D.202030.160 Why?
Sohee Kwon, M.D.202030.160 Why?
Molin Wang, Ph.D.201940.160 Why?
Toni K. Choueiri, M.D.201520.160 Why?
Elizabeth Wood Karlson, M.D.200940.160 Why?
Francine Laden, Sc.D.201830.150 Why?
Eugene Braunwald, M.D.2000100.150 Why?
Vincent Jaddoe, Ph.D.201410.150 Why?
Aria F. Olumi, M.D.201410.150 Why?
Jonathan Andrew Nowak, M.D.201930.140 Why?
Hyon K. Choi, M.D.201730.140 Why?
Dan Chasman, Ph.D.201930.130 Why?
Murray A. Mittleman, Dr.P.H., M.D., D.Ec.200830.130 Why?
Brenda Melanie Birmann, Sc.D.202030.130 Why?
Boris Gershman, M.D.201310.130 Why?
Albert Hofman, Ph.D., M.D.201640.130 Why?
Nancy Cook, D.Sc.200850.130 Why?
Paul Franks, Ph.D.202030.130 Why?
Daniel William Cramer, Sc.D., M.D.201630.130 Why?
Kathryn Lynne Terry, Sc.D.201630.130 Why?
Monik Carmen Jimenez, Sc.D.201210.120 Why?
Giovanni Parmigiani, Ph.D.201730.120 Why?
Matthew Heng Liang, M.D.201760.120 Why?
Christopher J Sweeney, M.B.,B.S.201930.120 Why?
James Benjamin Meigs, M.D.200530.120 Why?
Kerry Ivey, Ph.D.202120.120 Why?
Richa Saxena, Ph.D.202120.120 Why?
Sebastien Haneuse, Ph.D.201530.110 Why?
Heather Joanne Baer, Sc.D.201010.110 Why?
David Matthew Altshuler, M.D., Ph.D.201050.110 Why?
Joel Naom Hirschhorn, Ph.D., M.D.200950.110 Why?
Kimberly Perez, M.D.202120.110 Why?
Chun-Han Lo, M.D.202020.110 Why?
Todd Robert Golub, M.D.201140.110 Why?
Meredith M Regan, Sc.D.201140.110 Why?
Rebecca Graff, Sc.D.201530.110 Why?
Wendy Yvonne Chen, M.D.200630.100 Why?
Oscar Franco, Ph.D., D.Sc.202020.100 Why?
Anand Viswanathan, Ph.D., M.D.200910.100 Why?
Robert Barbieri, M.D.199850.100 Why?
Hector Tamez Aguilar, M.D.200810.090 Why?
Ericka M Ebot, Ph.D.201920.090 Why?
Alec Walker, D.P.H., M.D.200420.090 Why?
NaNa Keum, Sc.D.201720.090 Why?
Hugues Aschard, Ph.D.201720.090 Why?
Stacey Ann Missmer, Sc.D.201620.080 Why?
Aarno Palotie, Ph.D., M.D.201720.080 Why?
Keith Thomas Flaherty, M.D.200510.080 Why?
Arthur Joel Sober, M.D.199250.080 Why?
Claudia Un-Yong Chae, M.D.200740.080 Why?
Ronald Alfred Arky, M.D.199250.080 Why?
Matthew George Vander Heiden, M.D., Ph.D.201620.080 Why?
Paolo Boffetta, M.D.201520.080 Why?
Pan Yang, Ph.D.201520.080 Why?
Christos Mantzoros, M.D.200530.070 Why?
Peter Verveer Tishler, M.D.199620.070 Why?
Alkes Price, Ph.D.201720.070 Why?
Douglas Middleton Dahl, M.D.199830.070 Why?
Daniel Hal Solomon, M.D.200310.070 Why?
Andrea Julie Bullock, M.D.200210.070 Why?
Majken Karoline Jensen, Ph.D.201720.060 Why?
Josiemer Mattei, Ph.D.202210.060 Why?
Martha Tamez, Sc.D.202210.060 Why?
Christopher Robert Sudfeld, Sc.D.202110.060 Why?
Sheila Isanaka, Sc.D.202110.060 Why?
Simone Amanda Passarelli202110.060 Why?
Hanna Berhane202110.060 Why?
Aedin Cassidy, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Fred Kinyuy Tabung202110.060 Why?
Jason Perry Block, M.D.202110.060 Why?
Scott Aaron Sands, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Erica T Warner, Sc.D.202010.060 Why?
Jeffrey Mark Drazen, M.D.200010.050 Why?
David Matthew Nathan, M.D.200130.050 Why?
John Samuel Brownstein, Ph.D.202010.050 Why?
Karestan Koenen, Ph.D.202010.050 Why?
Irene Ghobrial, M.D.202010.050 Why?
Laura Diane Kubzansky, Ph.D.202010.050 Why?
Catherine R. Marinac, Ph.D.202010.050 Why?
Pari Vijay Pandharipande, M.D.202010.050 Why?
Sabina Signoretti, M.D.201120.050 Why?
Jennifer Ang Chan, M.D.201020.050 Why?
William Chun Hahn, Ph.D., M.D.201020.050 Why?
Kathleen Corey, M.D.202010.050 Why?
Raymond Taeyong Chung, M.D.202010.050 Why?
Christina Ellervik, D.M.Sc., D.P.D., M.D.201910.050 Why?
Konrad H. Stopsack, M.D.201910.050 Why?
David P. White, M.D.200430.050 Why?
Marios Giannakis, M.D.,Ph.D.201910.050 Why?
Matthew Boland Yurgelun, M.D.201910.050 Why?
Jan Leslie Shifren, M.D.201810.050 Why?
Robert James Mayer, M.D.201810.050 Why?
Xuesong Gu, Ph.D.201810.050 Why?
Simon T. Dillon, Ph.D.201810.050 Why?
Towia Aron Libermann, Ph.D.201810.050 Why?
Mira Kautzky, M.D.199810.050 Why?
Henry Arthur Feldman, Ph.D.201220.040 Why?
Hilary Kiyo Finucane, Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
Po-Ru Loh, Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
Constance Turman, M.A.201710.040 Why?
Christopher Kabrhel, M.D.201710.040 Why?
Janey Lee Wiggs, M.D., Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
David Williams, Ph.D.201610.040 Why?
Jennifer Susan Massa, S.D.201610.040 Why?
David Christopher Christiani, M.D.201610.040 Why?
Aditi Hazra, Ph.D.201610.040 Why?
Steven L. Gortmaker, Ph.D.199610.040 Why?
Rachel Kelly, Ph.D.201510.040 Why?
Yao Liu, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Yao Li, Ph.D.201510.040 Why?
Haakon Edward Meyer201510.040 Why?
Robert Howard Unger, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Pagona Lagiou, Ph.D., M.D.201020.040 Why?
Henry W Long, Ph.D.201510.040 Why?
Thomas Edward Clancy, M.D.201410.040 Why?
Stefania I Papatheodorou, Ph.D., M.D.201410.040 Why?
Robert Edgardo Gerszten, M.D.201410.040 Why?
Douglas P. Kiel, M.D.201410.040 Why?
Andrea Ganna, Ph.D.201410.040 Why?
Richard Redding Monson, S.D.Hyg., M.D.200830.040 Why?
Xihong Lin, Ph.D.201410.040 Why?
Jeanne Frances Duffy, Ph.D.201410.040 Why?
Michael John Barry, M.D.199930.040 Why?
Joel David Schwartz, Ph.D.200420.040 Why?
John Weyl Winkelman, M.D., Ph.D.201310.030 Why?
Elsie Mireya Taveras, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Jennifer A. Ligibel, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Peter Henry Schur, M.D.199210.030 Why?
Azra Hadi Ligon, Ph.D.201210.030 Why?
David S. Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D.201110.030 Why?
Gokhan S. Hotamisligil, Ph.D., M.D.200120.030 Why?
David E. Hill, Ph.D.201110.030 Why?
David Bruce Mount, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Nancy Lynn Keating, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Martin Charles Mihm Jr., M.D.199140.030 Why?
Gwo-Shu Mary Lee, Ph.D.200910.030 Why?
Carmen Priolo, Ph.D., M.D.200910.030 Why?
Dennis J. Selkoe, M.D.200910.020 Why?
Bradley Theodore Hyman, M.D., Ph.D.200910.020 Why?
Steven Mark Greenberg, M.D.,Ph.D.200910.020 Why?
David Hemenway, Ph.D.198810.020 Why?
Myles A. Brown, M.D.200810.020 Why?
Vincent James Carey, Ph.D.199820.020 Why?
Nancy Elsa Mueller, Sc.D.200810.020 Why?
Earl Francis Cook Jr., Sc.D.200810.020 Why?
Yuchiao Chang, Ph.D.200810.020 Why?
Joseph Raymond Betancourt, M.D.200810.020 Why?
Marc Alan Pfeffer, M.D., Ph.D.200020.020 Why?
Andrzej Stefan Krolewski, Ph.D., M.D.199230.020 Why?
Kenneth Alan Bauer, M.D.200710.020 Why?
Glenn J. Bubley, M.D.200710.020 Why?
Lee Michael Kaplan, M.D.,Ph.D.199030.020 Why?
James W Levenson, M.D.200410.020 Why?
Jeremy Neil Ruskin, M.D.200310.020 Why?
Edwin Kepner Silverman, Ph.D., M.D.200010.010 Why?
Thomas Andrew Gaziano, M.D.200010.010 Why?
Ronald Bleday, M.D.199510.010 Why?
Isaac Schiff, M.D.199310.010 Why?
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