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Matthew H Bonds, Ph.D., Ph.D.


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  1. K01TW008773 (BONDS, MATTHEW HARRISON) Sep 15, 2010 - Aug 31, 2015
    The economic impacts of community-based integrated health care systems in rural R
    Role: Principal Investigator

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  1. Thomson DR, Amoroso C, Atwood S, Bonds MH, Rwabukwisi FC, Drobac P, Finnegan KE, Farmer DB, Farmer PE, Habinshuti A, Hirschhorn LR, Manzi A, Niyigena P, Rich ML, Stulac S, Murray MB, Binagwaho A. Impact of a health system strengthening intervention on maternal and child health outputs and outcomes in rural Rwanda 2005-2010. BMJ Glob Health. 2018; 3(2):e000674. PMID: 29662695.
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  2. Bonds MH, Ouenzar MA, Garchitorena A, Cordier LF, McCarty MG, Rich ML, Andriamihaja B, Haruna J, Farmer PE. Madagascar can build stronger health systems to fight plague and prevent the next epidemic. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2018 01; 12(1):e0006131. PMID: 29300731.
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  3. McCuskee S, Garchitorena A, Miller AC, Hall L, Ouenzar MA, Rabeza VR, Ramananjato RH, Razanadrakato HR, Randriamanambintsoa M, Barry M, Bonds MH. Child malnutrition in Ifanadiana district, Madagascar: associated factors and timing of growth faltering ahead of a health system strengthening intervention. Glob Health Action. 2018; 11(1):1452357. PMID: 29595379.
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  4. Garchitorena A, Miller AC, Cordier LF, Ramananjato R, Rabeza VR, Murray M, Cripps A, Hall L, Farmer P, Rich M, Orlan AV, Rabemampionona A, Rakotozafy G, Randriantsimaniry D, Gikic D, Bonds MH. In Madagascar, Use Of Health Care Services Increased When Fees Were Removed: Lessons For Universal Health Coverage. Health Aff (Millwood). 2017 Aug 01; 36(8):1443-1451. PMID: 28784737.
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  5. Ngonghala CN, De Leo GA, Pascual MM, Keenan DC, Dobson AP, Bonds MH. General ecological models for human subsistence, health and poverty. Nat Ecol Evol. 2017 Aug; 1(8):1153-1159. PMID: 29046570.
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  6. Garchitorena A, Sokolow SH, Roche B, Ngonghala CN, Jocque M, Lund A, Barry M, Mordecai EA, Daily GC, Jones JH, Andrews JR, Bendavid E, Luby SP, LaBeaud AD, Seetah K, Guégan JF, Bonds MH, De Leo GA. Disease ecology, health and the environment: a framework to account for ecological and socio-economic drivers in the control of neglected tropical diseases. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 2017 Jun 05; 372(1722). PMID: 28438917.
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  7. Miller AC, Ramananjato RH, Garchitorena A, Rabeza VR, Gikic D, Cripps A, Cordier L, Rahaniraka Razanadrakato HT, Randriamanambintsoa M, Hall L, Murray M, Safara Razanavololo F, Rich ML, Bonds MH. Baseline population health conditions ahead of a health system strengthening program in rural Madagascar. Glob Health Action. 2017; 10(1):1329961. PMID: 28621206.
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  8. Odone A, Calderon R, Becerra MC, Zhang Z, Contreras CC, Yataco R, Galea J, Lecca L, Bonds MH, Mitnick CD, Murray MB. Acquired and Transmitted Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis: The Role of Social Determinants. PLoS One. 2016; 11(1):e0146642. PMID: 26765328; PMCID: PMC4713093.
  9. Garchitorena A, Ngonghala CN, Texier G, Landier J, Eyangoh S, Bonds MH, Guégan JF, Roche B. Environmental transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans drives dynamics of Buruli ulcer in endemic regions of Cameroon. Sci Rep. 2015 Dec 11; 5:18055. PMID: 26658922.
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  10. Garchitorena A, Ngonghala CN, Guegan JF, Texier G, Bellanger M, Bonds M, Roche B. Economic inequality caused by feedbacks between poverty and the dynamics of a rare tropical disease: the case of Buruli ulcer in sub-Saharan Africa. Proc Biol Sci. 2015 Nov 07; 282(1818):20151426. PMID: 26538592; PMCID: PMC4650150 [Available on 11/07/16].
  11. Rist CL, Ngonghala CN, Garchitorena A, Brook CE, Ramananjato R, Miller AC, Randrianarivelojosia M, Wright PC, Gillespie TR, Bonds MH. Modeling the burden of poultry disease on the rural poor in Madagascar. One Health. 2015 Dec; 1:60-65. PMID: 28616466.
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  12. Rist CL, Garchitorena A, Ngonghala CN, Gillespie TR, Bonds MH. The Burden of Livestock Parasites on the Poor. Trends Parasitol. 2015 Nov; 31(11):527-530. PMID: 26604161.
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  13. Binagwaho A, Farmer PE, Nsanzimana S, Karema C, Gasana M, de Dieu Ngirabega J, Ngabo F, Wagner CM, Nutt CT, Nyatanyi T, Gatera M, Kayiteshonga Y, Mugeni C, Mugwaneza P, Shema J, Uwaliraye P, Gaju E, Muhimpundu MA, Dushime T, Senyana F, Mazarati JB, Gaju CM, Tuyisenge L, Mutabazi V, Kyamanywa P, Rusanganwa V, Nyemazi JP, Umutoni A, Kankindi I, Ntizimira C, Ruton H, Mugume N, Nkunda D, Ndenga E, Mubiligi JM, Kakoma JB, Karita E, Sekabaraga C, Rusingiza E, Rich ML, Mukherjee JS, Rhatigan J, Cancedda C, Bertrand-Farmer D, Bukhman G, Stulac SN, Tapela NM, van der Hoof Holstein C, Shulman LN, Habinshuti A, Bonds MH, Wilkes MS, Lu C, Smith-Fawzi MC, Swain JD, Murphy MP, Ricks A, Kerry VB, Bush BP, Siegler RW, Stern CS, Sliney A, Nuthulaganti T, Karangwa I, Pegurri E, Dahl O, Drobac PC. Rwanda 20 years on: investing in life. Lancet. 2014 Jul 26; 384(9940):371-5. PMID: 24703831; PMCID: PMC4151975.
  14. Ngonghala CN, Plucinski MM, Murray MB, Farmer PE, Barrett CB, Keenan DC, Bonds MH. Poverty, disease, and the ecology of complex systems. PLoS Biol. 2014 Apr; 12(4):e1001827. PMID: 24690902; PMCID: PMC3972083.
  15. Ivers LC, Teng JE, Jerome JG, Bonds M, Freedberg KA, Franke MF. A randomized trial of ready-to-use supplementary food versus corn-soy blend plus as food rations for HIV-infected adults on antiretroviral therapy in rural Haiti. Clin Infect Dis. 2014 Apr; 58(8):1176-84. PMID: 24536058; PMCID: PMC3967824.
  16. Golden CD, Bonds MH, Brashares JS, Rasolofoniaina BJ, Kremen C. Economic valuation of subsistence harvest of wildlife in Madagascar. Conserv Biol. 2014 Feb; 28(1):234-43. PMID: 24405165; PMCID: PMC4151980.
  17. Bonds MH, Dobson AP, Keenan DC. Disease ecology, biodiversity, and the latitudinal gradient in income. PLoS Biol. 2012; 10(12):e1001456. PMID: 23300379; PMCID: PMC3531233.
  18. Plucinski MM, Ngonghala CN, Getz WM, Bonds MH. Clusters of poverty and disease emerge from feedbacks on an epidemiological network. J R Soc Interface. 2013 Mar 06; 10(80):20120656. PMID: 23256187; PMCID: PMC3565726.
  19. Dhillon RS, Bonds MH, Fraden M, Ndahiro D, Ruxin J. The impact of reducing financial barriers on utilisation of a primary health care facility in Rwanda. Glob Public Health. 2012; 7(1):71-86. PMID: 21732708; PMCID: PMC3227794.
  20. Plucinski MM, Ngonghala CN, Bonds MH. Health safety nets can break cycles of poverty and disease: a stochastic ecological model. J R Soc Interface. 2011 Dec 07; 8(65):1796-803. PMID: 21593026; PMCID: PMC3203484.
  21. Bonds MH, Keenan DC, Rohani P, Sachs JD. Poverty trap formed by the ecology of infectious diseases. Proc Biol Sci. 2010 Apr 22; 277(1685):1185-92. PMID: 20007179; PMCID: PMC2842808.
  22. Bonds MH, Rohani P. Herd immunity acquired indirectly from interactions between the ecology of infectious diseases, demography and economics. J R Soc Interface. 2010 Mar 06; 7(44):541-7. PMID: 19740924; PMCID: PMC2842798.
  23. Bonds, MH, and JJ Pompe. Public land management and institutional reform: evidence from Mississippi's School Trust Land history. Southern Business and Economics Journal. 2008; 1(31):1-18.
  24. Bonds, MH and DR Hughes. On the Productivity of Public Forests: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis of Mississippi School Trust Timber Production. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. 2007; 2(55):171-183.
  25. Bonds MH. Host life-history strategy explains pathogen-induced sterility. Am Nat. 2006 Sep; 168(3):281-93. PMID: 16947104.
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  26. Bonds MH, Keenan DC, Leidner AJ, Rohani P. Higher disease prevalence can induce greater sociality: a game theoretic coevolutionary model. Evolution. 2005 Sep; 59(9):1859-66. PMID: 16261724.
    View in: PubMed
  27. Bonds, MH and JJ Pompe. Improving institutional incentives for public land management: an econometric analysis of school trust land leases. Journal of Institutional Economics. 2005; 2(1):193-215.
  28. Bonds, MH and JJ Pompe. Calculating wetland mitigation banking credits: adjusting for wetland function and location. Natural Resources Journal. 2003; 4(43):961-977.
  29. Sadaphal P, Astemborski J, Graham NM, Sheely L, Bonds M, Madison A, Vlahov D, Thomas DL, Sterling TR. Isoniazid preventive therapy, hepatitis C virus infection, and hepatotoxicity among injection drug users infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Clin Infect Dis. 2001 Nov 15; 33(10):1687-91. PMID: 11641824; PMCID: PMC2650436.
  30. Graham NM, Galai N, Nelson KE, Astemborski J, Bonds M, Rizzo RT, Sheeley L, Vlahov D. Effect of isoniazid chemoprophylaxis on HIV-related mycobacterial disease. Arch Intern Med. 1996 Apr 22; 156(8):889-94. PMID: 8774208.
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