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Matthew Macleod Heeney, M.D.

Co-Authors (84)

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Number of
Co-Author Score Why?
Mark Daniel Fleming, M.D., D.Phil.2021143.080 Why?
Dean Robert Campagna, B.S.2021110.930 Why?
Wendy B London, Ph.D.202040.470 Why?
David Allan Williams, M.D.202030.460 Why?
Erica Brynne Esrick, M.D.202020.430 Why?
Alan D Michelson, M.B.,B.S.201920.350 Why?
Edward Robert Smith, M.D.201720.290 Why?
Akiko Shimamura, M.D., Ph.D.202120.290 Why?
Alessandra Biffi, M.D.202020.260 Why?
Joseph Harry Antin, M.D.202110.240 Why?
Natasha Marie Bernadette Archer, M.D.202110.240 Why?
Christian Brendel, Ph.D.202020.230 Why?
Sarah Ducamp, D.Ph.202010.230 Why?
Olaf Bodamer, Ph.D., M.D.202010.220 Why?
William Brucker, Ph.D., M.D.202010.220 Why?
Anoop Sendamarai, Ph.D.202050.220 Why?
Charles Benjamin Berde, M.D., Ph.D.201910.200 Why?
Carolina Donado Rincón, M.D.201910.200 Why?
Wanda Phipatanakul, M.D.201810.200 Why?
Paul Jeffrey Schmidt, Ph.D.202040.180 Why?
Dionne Graham, Ph.D.201120.150 Why?
Marvin B. Harper, M.D.201310.140 Why?
Marc Nathaniel Baskin, M.D.201310.140 Why?
Andrew Lawrence Frelinger, Ph.D.201310.140 Why?
Seth Leo Alper, M.D., Ph.D.201110.120 Why?
James Benjamin Meigs, M.D.201010.110 Why?
Alan David Woolf, M.D.201010.110 Why?
Jean C Solodiuk, Ph.D.202120.110 Why?
Hanno Steen, Ph.D.201010.110 Why?
Rachael Fox Grace, M.D.201010.110 Why?
Alejandro Gutierrez, M.D.201010.110 Why?
John P. Manis, M.D.202020.110 Why?
Myriam Anne Armant, Ph.D.202020.110 Why?
Sarah NIkiforow, M.D.,Ph.D.202020.110 Why?
Maureen Menwa Achebe, M.B.,B.S.202020.100 Why?
R Michael Scott, M.D.200910.100 Why?
Debra L. Weiner, M.D., Ph.D.200910.100 Why?
Maitreyi Mazumdar, M.D.200710.090 Why?
Mary E Brindle, M.D.201520.080 Why?
Daniel Evan Bauer, M.D., Ph.D.201620.070 Why?
Christine D. Greco, M.D.202110.060 Why?
Leslie Elaine Lehmann, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Jerome Ritz, M.D.202010.060 Why?
M. Felicia Ciuculescu, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Chang Cao, Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
Gordon Jacobus Hildick-Smith, M.D.202010.060 Why?
James Brian McAlvin, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Gerard T. Berry, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Christina Yee, Ph.D., M.D.202010.060 Why?
Stacy Emily Croteau, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Katherine Peeler, M.D.202010.060 Why?
John Prensner, M.D.,Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
Jeffrey Lo, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Robert Cooper Shamberger, M.D.201910.050 Why?
Christina Kathleen Ullrich, M.D.201910.050 Why?
Shawn Jason Rangel, M.D.201910.050 Why?
Caleb Nelson, M.D.201910.050 Why?
Susan Thayer Mahan, M.D.201910.050 Why?
Michael Monuteaux, Sc.D.201810.050 Why?
Jonathan M Gaffin, M.D.201810.050 Why?
Colin Anthony Sieff, M.B.,B.Ch.201810.050 Why?
Roy Peake, Ph.D.201810.050 Why?
Eric White, M.D.201810.050 Why?
Donna S. Neuberg, D.Sc.201710.050 Why?
Stuart Holland Orkin, M.D.201610.040 Why?
Richard Ian Gregory, Ph.D.201610.040 Why?
Young-Jo Kim, M.D., Ph.D.201610.040 Why?
Denise Klatt, Ph.D.201610.040 Why?
Peter E. Newburger, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Allison Frances O'Neill, M.D.201110.030 Why?
David Henry Vandorpe, Ph.D.201110.030 Why?
Alicia Rivera, Ph.D.201110.030 Why?
Boris E. Shmukler, Ph.D.201110.030 Why?
Samuel Edward Lux IV, M.D.201110.030 Why?
Carlo Brugnara, M.D.201110.030 Why?
Richa Saxena, Ph.D.201010.030 Why?
Caroline Fox, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Christopher Joseph O'Donnell, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Jose Carlos Florez, M.D.,Ph.D.201010.030 Why?
David Matthew Altshuler, M.D., Ph.D.201010.030 Why?
Gordon Harold Williams, M.D.201010.030 Why?
David Matthew Nathan, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Tina Young Poussaint, M.D.201010.030 Why?
Craig David McClain, M.D.200910.030 Why?
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