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Steven Paul Balk, Ph.D., M.D.

Co-Authors (125)

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Number of
Co-Author Score Why?
Mary-Ellen Taplin, M.D.2021364.870 Why?
Joshua Russo, M.D.2021143.990 Why?
Glenn J. Bubley, M.D.2020433.870 Why?
Xin Yuan, D.Sc., M.D.2021192.640 Why?
Richard Steven Blumberg, M.D.2007322.230 Why?
Philip Kantoff, M.D.2021251.760 Why?
David Johnson Einstein, M.D.202171.540 Why?
Eliezer Mendel Van Allen, M.D.202160.960 Why?
Gerald Mordecai Kolodny, M.D.201810.790 Why?
Carla Fiorella Irene Calagua Bedoya, M.D.201840.780 Why?
Mannan Nouri, Ph.D.202130.680 Why?
Massimo Loda, M.D.2021100.580 Why?
Rupal Satish Bhatt, M.D.202140.540 Why?
Larysa Poluben, Ph.D., M.D.202120.440 Why?
Xiaole (Shirley) Liu, Ph.D.201460.410 Why?
Christos Mantzoros, M.D.200950.380 Why?
Atish Dipankar Choudhury, Ph.D., M.D.202130.360 Why?
Meredith M Regan, Sc.D.201380.360 Why?
Henry W Long, Ph.D.202130.350 Why?
Alok Kripal Tewari, Ph.D., M.D.202120.310 Why?
Nadia Alatrakchi, Ph.D., M.D.201720.300 Why?
John M Asara, Ph.D.201730.290 Why?
Fen Ma, Ph.D.201740.290 Why?
Lydia Lynch, Ph.D.201230.280 Why?
Katherine Laura Morel, Ph.D.202110.240 Why?
Christopher J Sweeney, M.B.,B.S.202150.230 Why?
Andreas Varkaris, Ph.D., M.D.202010.230 Why?
Gwo-Shu Mary Lee, Ph.D.201450.220 Why?
Kent W Mouw, M.D., Ph.D.202010.220 Why?
Shahrzad Rafiei, Ph.D.202010.220 Why?
Jerome Ritz, M.D.201720.220 Why?
Michael Barry Brenner, M.D.201440.220 Why?
Michael Bruce Yaffe, M.D., Ph.D.201910.210 Why?
Paul George Mathew, M.D.200920.210 Why?
Myles A. Brown, M.D.201150.200 Why?
Frank Stephen Hodi, M.D.201710.180 Why?
Nadine Muskatel Tung, M.D.201710.180 Why?
Kenneth N Ross, Ph.D.200620.170 Why?
Sabina Signoretti, M.D.202130.160 Why?
Eddy J Chen, M.D.201410.150 Why?
Alex Toker, Ph.D.201410.150 Why?
Kenneth Dean Swanson, Ph.D.201730.140 Why?
Robin Marie Joyce, M.D.200830.130 Why?
David E. Avigan, M.D.201730.130 Why?
Scott Brian Snapper, M.D.,Ph.D.200350.130 Why?
Mark M Pomerantz, M.D.202130.120 Why?
Ziad El Bakouny, M.D.202110.120 Why?
Adam Kibel, M.D.202120.100 Why?
William Chun Hahn, Ph.D., M.D.202020.100 Why?
Oliver Jonas, Ph.D.201920.100 Why?
Christine Roberts Bryke, M.D.201920.100 Why?
Nikhil C Munshi, M.D., M.B.,B.S.200810.100 Why?
Jim Wu, M.D.202020.090 Why?
Matthew Lawrence Freedman, M.D.202120.090 Why?
Robert Sackstein, M.D.,Ph.D.200820.090 Why?
Amy E. Spooner, M.D.199720.090 Why?
Todd Robert Golub, M.D.200610.080 Why?
Gerburg Wulf, M.D.200610.080 Why?
Kun Ping Lu, Ph.D., M.D.200610.080 Why?
Frederick W. Alt, Ph.D.200310.070 Why?
Dimitrios Spentzos, M.D.200310.070 Why?
Jonathan Lewis Hecht, Ph.D., M.D.202110.060 Why?
Gad A Getz, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Saud H Aldubayan, M.B.,B.S.202110.060 Why?
Vijay Kumar Kuchroo, Ph.D.200110.060 Why?
David Brian Sykes, M.D., Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Philip J Saylor, M.D.202110.060 Why?
Michael Grusby, Ph.D.200110.060 Why?
Sylvan Charles Baca, M.D.,Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Stephanie Kristin Dougan, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Geoffrey Ira Shapiro, M.D., Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
David Allen Barbie, M.D.202110.060 Why?
Xintao Qiu, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Constantia Pantelidou, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Asaf Rotem, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Keyan Salari, M.D., Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Kelly Patricia Burke, M.D.,Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Sheng-Yu Ku, Ph.D.202110.060 Why?
Himisha Beltran, M.D.202110.060 Why?
Timothy R Rebbeck, Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
Justin W. Kung, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Bose S Kochupurakkal, Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
David Liu, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Haitham A. Elmarakeby, Ph.D.202010.060 Why?
Irene Inkyung Lee, Ph.D.201910.050 Why?
Donna S. Neuberg, D.Sc.201810.050 Why?
German Pihan, M.D.201810.050 Why?
David A. Hafler, M.D.199810.050 Why?
Scott Lambert Carter, Ph.D.201710.050 Why?
Kathleen Mahoney, Ph.D., M.D.201710.050 Why?
Jeffrey Michael Karp, Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
Jacalyn Mara Rosenblatt, M.D.201710.040 Why?
John Gerard Clohessy, Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
Elena Levantini, Ph.D.201710.040 Why?
Cornelis Terhorst, Ph.D.201020.040 Why?
James Douglas Griffin, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Ellen L. Weisberg, Ph.D.201310.030 Why?
A. Thomas Look, M.D.201310.030 Why?
Lorelei Ann Mucci, Sc.D.201310.030 Why?
Richard Ian Gregory, Ph.D.201210.030 Why?
Jerry Steven Trier, M.D.199110.030 Why?
Kai Wucherpfennig, Ph.D., M.D.199110.030 Why?
Rameen Beroukhim, M.D., Ph.D.200910.030 Why?
Michelangelo Fiorentino, Ph.D., M.D.200910.030 Why?
Clifford Meyer, Ph.D.200910.030 Why?
Arjun Kumar Manrai, Ph.D.200910.030 Why?
Yu-Tzu Tai, Ph.D.200810.030 Why?
Kenneth Carl Anderson, M.D.200810.030 Why?
Rao H Prabhala, Ph.D.200810.030 Why?
Edward A. Greenfield, Ph.D.200810.020 Why?
Runhua Hou, M.D.200810.020 Why?
Vikas P. Sukhatme, M.D., Sc.D.200810.020 Why?
Othon Iliopoulos, M.D.200810.020 Why?
Lynne Uhl, M.D.200810.020 Why?
Haesook Teresa Kim, Ph.D.200810.020 Why?
Susan James Hagen, Ph.D.200020.020 Why?
Andrew David Luster, M.D., Ph.D.200310.020 Why?
Anthony V. D'Amico, M.D., Ph.D.200210.020 Why?
Matthew Raymond Smith, M.D., Ph.D.200210.020 Why?
Catherine P. Cheney, M.D.200210.020 Why?
Irving D. Kaplan, M.D.200010.010 Why?
Wayne Isaac Lencer, M.D.199910.010 Why?
Suzanne Marie Olbricht, M.D.199610.010 Why?
Atul Kumar Bhan, M.D., M.B.,B.S.199310.010 Why?
Cynthia Casson Morton, Ph.D.199210.010 Why?
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