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Jonathan Philip Winickoff, M.D.

Co-Authors (38)

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Number of
Co-Author Score Why?
Nancy Ann Rigotti, M.D.2019296.690 Why?
Douglas Edward Levy, Ph.D.2019103.110 Why?
Nicolas Michel Oreskovic, M.D.201671.910 Why?
Susan Regan, Ph.D.2019101.590 Why?
James Marc Perrin, M.D.201691.070 Why?
Alan Charles Geller, M.P.H.201430.770 Why?
Elyse R Park, Ph.D.201570.720 Why?
Laura Judith Rosen, Ph.D.201530.450 Why?
Alyssa Robinson, M.D.201630.260 Why?
Inyang A. Isong, M.D.201120.260 Why?
Gary Adamkiewicz, Ph.D.201520.220 Why?
Anne N. Thorndike, M.D.201810.220 Why?
Karen Maria Emmons, Ph.D.201810.220 Why?
A. Lindsay Frazier, M.D.200720.190 Why?
Karen Alice Kuhlthau, Ph.D.201040.180 Why?
Slawa Rokicki201510.180 Why?
Thomas Edward Clancy, M.D.199510.180 Why?
Carey Conley Thomson, M.D.200520.170 Why?
Joanna M Streck, B.A.201410.160 Why?
Judith Sullivan Palfrey, M.D.200320.150 Why?
Ronald Ellis Kleinman, M.D.201210.140 Why?
Timothy Gregg Ferris, M.D.200920.140 Why?
Man Wai Ng, D.D.S.201110.140 Why?
Laurie Bankston Fisher, M.S.200720.120 Why?
Joel Steven Weissman, Ph.D.200610.100 Why?
Constance Susan Houck, M.D.200010.060 Why?
Carlos Arturo Camargo Jr., Dr.P.H., M.D.200720.050 Why?
Graham Andrew Colditz, M.D., Dr.P.H., M.B.,B.S.200720.050 Why?
Jeffrey Matthew Peppercorn, M.D.199510.040 Why?
Carl D. Marci, M.D.199510.040 Why?
Larry I. Benowitz, Ph.D.199510.040 Why?
Joseph J Locascio, Ph.D.201510.040 Why?
Al Ozonoff, Ph.D.201410.040 Why?
Donna Francesca Luff, Ph.D.201110.030 Why?
Constantine Ilias Vardavas, M.D., Ph.D.201110.030 Why?
Gregory Stanley Sawicki, M.D.200910.030 Why?
Thomas Bernard Kinane, Mb.Bch,Bao200910.030 Why?
Joseph Raymond Betancourt, M.D.200610.020 Why?
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