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profileJuliette J Selb, Ph.D.

TitleInstructor in Radiology
InstitutionMassachusetts General Hospital
AddressMassachusetts General Hospital
NMR Ctr, Rm 2301
149 13th Street
Charlestown MA 02129
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  1. Sutin J, Zimmerman B, Tyulmankov D, Tamborini D, Wu KC, Selb J, Gulinatti A, Rech I, Tosi A, Boas DA, Franceschini MA. Time-domain diffuse correlation spectroscopy. Optica. 2016 Sep; 3(9):1006-1013. PMID: 28008417.
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  2. Yücel MA, Selb J, Aasted CM, Lin PY, Borsook D, Becerra L, Boas DA. Mayer waves reduce the accuracy of estimated hemodynamic response functions in functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Biomed Opt Express. 2016 Aug 01; 7(8):3078-88. PMID: 27570699; PMCID: PMC4986815.
  3. Boas DA, Sakadžic S, Selb J, Farzam P, Franceschini MA, Carp SA. Establishing the diffuse correlation spectroscopy signal relationship with blood flow. Neurophotonics. 2016 Jul; 3(3):031412. PMID: 27335889; PMCID: PMC4904065 [Available on 06/13/17].
  4. Yücel MA, Selb J, Aasted CM, Petkov MP, Becerra L, Borsook D, Boas DA. Short separation regression improves statistical significance and better localizes the hemodynamic response obtained by near-infrared spectroscopy for tasks with differing autonomic responses. Neurophotonics. 2015 Jul; 2(3):035005. PMID: 26835480; PMCID: PMC4717232.
  5. Selb J, Yücel MA, Phillip D, Schytz HW, Iversen HK, Vangel M, Ashina M, Boas DA. Effect of motion artifacts and their correction on near-infrared spectroscopy oscillation data: a study in healthy subjects and stroke patients. J Biomed Opt. 2015 May; 20(5):56011. PMID: 26018790; PMCID: PMC4445402.
  6. Yücel MA, Evans KC, Selb J, Huppert TJ, Boas DA, Gagnon L. Validation of the hypercapnic calibrated fMRI method using DOT-fMRI fusion imaging. Neuroimage. 2014 Nov 15; 102 Pt 2:729-35. PMID: 25196509; PMCID: PMC4252607.
  7. Selb J, Boas DA, Chan ST, Evans KC, Buckley EM, Carp SA. Sensitivity of near-infrared spectroscopy and diffuse correlation spectroscopy to brain hemodynamics: simulations and experimental findings during hypercapnia. Neurophotonics. 2014 Jul; 1(1). PMID: 25453036.
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  9. Selb J, Ogden TM, Dubb J, Fang Q, Boas DA. Comparison of a layered slab and an atlas head model for Monte Carlo fitting of time-domain near-infrared spectroscopy data of the adult head. J Biomed Opt. 2014 Jan; 19(1):16010. PMID: 24407503; PMCID: PMC3886581.
  10. Phillip D, Iversen HK, Schytz HW, Selb J, Boas DA, Ashina M. Altered Low Frequency Oscillations of Cortical Vessels in Patients with Cerebrovascular Occlusive Disease - A NIRS Study. Front Neurol. 2013; 4:204. PMID: 24379801; PMCID: PMC3864103.
  11. Yücel MA, Selb J, Boas DA, Cash SS, Cooper RJ. Reducing motion artifacts for long-term clinical NIRS monitoring using collodion-fixed prism-based optical fibers. Neuroimage. 2014 Jan 15; 85 Pt 1:192-201. PMID: 23796546; PMCID: PMC3849205.
  12. Brigadoi S, Ceccherini L, Cutini S, Scarpa F, Scatturin P, Selb J, Gagnon L, Boas DA, Cooper RJ. Motion artifacts in functional near-infrared spectroscopy: a comparison of motion correction techniques applied to real cognitive data. Neuroimage. 2014 Jan 15; 85 Pt 1:181-91. PMID: 23639260; PMCID: PMC3762942.
  13. Schytz HW, Jensen BE, Jennum P, Selb J, Boas DA, Ashina M. Low-frequency oscillations and vasoreactivity of cortical vessels in obstructive sleep apnea during wakefulness: a near infrared spectroscopy study. Sleep Med. 2013 May; 14(5):416-21. PMID: 23517585.
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  14. Schytz HW, Barløse M, Guo S, Selb J, Caparso A, Jensen R, Ashina M. Experimental activation of the sphenopalatine ganglion provokes cluster-like attacks in humans. Cephalalgia. 2013 Jul; 33(10):831-41. PMID: 23382519.
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  15. Cooper RJ, Selb J, Gagnon L, Phillip D, Schytz HW, Iversen HK, Ashina M, Boas DA. A systematic comparison of motion artifact correction techniques for functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Front Neurosci. 2012; 6:147. PMID: 23087603; PMCID: PMC3468891.
  16. Phillip D, Schytz HW, Selb J, Payne S, Iversen HK, Skovgaard LT, Boas DA, Ashina M. Low frequency oscillations in cephalic vessels assessed by near infrared spectroscopy. Eur J Clin Invest. 2012 Nov; 42(11):1180-8. PMID: 22897146; PMCID: PMC3730271.
  17. Schytz HW, Hansen JM, Phillip D, Selb J, Boas DA, Ashina M. Nitric oxide modulation of low-frequency oscillations in cortical vessels in FHM--a NIRS study. Headache. 2012 Jul-Aug; 52(7):1146-54. PMID: 22352839; PMCID: PMC3730264.
  18. Gagnon L, Yücel MA, Dehaes M, Cooper RJ, Perdue KL, Selb J, Huppert TJ, Hoge RD, Boas DA. Quantification of the cortical contribution to the NIRS signal over the motor cortex using concurrent NIRS-fMRI measurements. Neuroimage. 2012 Feb 15; 59(4):3933-40. PMID: 22036999; PMCID: PMC3279595.
  19. Dehaes M, Grant PE, Sliva DD, Roche-Labarbe N, Pienaar R, Boas DA, Franceschini MA, Selb J. Assessment of the frequency-domain multi-distance method to evaluate the brain optical properties: Monte Carlo simulations from neonate to adult. Biomed Opt Express. 2011 Feb 11; 2(3):552-67. PMID: 21412461; PMCID: PMC3047361.
  20. Fang Q, Selb J, Carp SA, Boverman G, Miller EL, Brooks DH, Moore RH, Kopans DB, Boas DA. Combined optical and X-ray tomosynthesis breast imaging. Radiology. 2011 Jan; 258(1):89-97. PMID: 21062924; PMCID: PMC3009384.
  21. Schytz HW, Hansson A, Phillip D, Selb J, Boas DA, Iversen HK, Ashina M. Spontaneous low-frequency oscillations in cerebral vessels: applications in carotid artery disease and ischemic stroke. J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2010 Nov-Dec; 19(6):465-74. PMID: 20864356; PMCID: PMC3752675.
  22. Muehlschlegel S, Selb J, Patel M, Diamond SG, Franceschini MA, Sorensen AG, Boas DA, Schwamm LH. Feasibility of NIRS in the neurointensive care unit: a pilot study in stroke using physiological oscillations. Neurocrit Care. 2009; 11(2):288-95. PMID: 19649749; PMCID: PMC2782535.
  23. Payne SJ, Selb J, Boas DA. Effects of autoregulation and CO2 reactivity on cerebral oxygen transport. Ann Biomed Eng. 2009 Nov; 37(11):2288-98. PMID: 19629692; PMCID: PMC2800826.
  24. Grant PE, Roche-Labarbe N, Surova A, Themelis G, Selb J, Warren EK, Krishnamoorthy KS, Boas DA, Franceschini MA. Increased cerebral blood volume and oxygen consumption in neonatal brain injury. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2009 Oct; 29(10):1704-13. PMID: 19675563; PMCID: PMC2762197.
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  28. Gagnon L, Gauthier C, Hoge RD, Lesage F, Selb J, Boas DA. Double-layer estimation of intra- and extracerebral hemoglobin concentration with a time-resolved system. J Biomed Opt. 2008 Sep-Oct; 13(5):054019. PMID: 19021399; PMCID: PMC2718835.
  29. Selb J, Dale AM, Boas DA. Linear 3D reconstruction of time-domain diffuse optical imaging differential data: improved depth localization and lateral resolution. Opt Express. 2007 Dec 10; 15(25):16400-12. PMID: 19550930; PMCID: PMC3023417.
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  31. Selb J, Joseph DK, Boas DA. Time-gated optical system for depth-resolved functional brain imaging. J Biomed Opt. 2006 Jul-Aug; 11(4):044008. PMID: 16965165.
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  32. Selb J, Stott JJ, Franceschini MA, Sorensen AG, Boas DA. Improved sensitivity to cerebral hemodynamics during brain activation with a time-gated optical system: analytical model and experimental validation. J Biomed Opt. 2005 Jan-Feb; 10(1):11013. PMID: 15847579.
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  33. Forget BC, Ramaz F, Atlan M, Selb J, Boccara AC. High-contrast fast Fourier transform acousto-optical tomography of phantom tissues with a frequency-chirp modulation of the ultrasound. Appl Opt. 2003 Mar 01; 42(7):1379-83. PMID: 12643235.
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  34. Selb J, Lévêque-Fort S, Dubois A, Forget BC, Pottier L, Ramaz F, Boccara AC. Ultrasonically Modulated Optical Imaging. Biomedical Photonics Handbook, SPIE. 2003; chap 35.
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