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profileJorge Plutzky, M.D.

TitleAssociate Professor of Medicine
InstitutionBrigham and Women's Hospital
AddressBrigham & Women's Hospital
Cardiovascular Medicine, NRB 742
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston MA 02115
Phone6175254360, 4361
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R56HL125894     (PLUTZKY, JORGE)Sep 8, 2015 - Aug 31, 2016
Epigenetic Control of Endothelial and T Cell States By BET Reader Proteins
Role: Principal Investigator

R01HL079117     (PLUTZKY, JORGE)Jan 1, 2005 - Dec 31, 2005
Endogenous Mechanisms of PPAR Modulation
Role: Principal Investigator

R01HL071745     (PLUTZKY, JORGE)Jan 1, 2004 - Dec 31, 2009
Lipolytic Mechanisms of PPAR Activation
Role: Principal Investigator

K08HL003107     (PLUTZKY, JORGE)Jul 1, 1994 - Jun 30, 1999
Role: Principal Investigator

P01HL048743     (MICHEL, THOMAS)Sep 30, 1992 - Mar 31, 2015
Arterial Dysfunction: Basic and Clinical Mechanisms
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

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  1. Carroll SH, Zhang E, Wang BF, LeClair KB, Rahman A, Cohen DE, Plutzky J, Patwari P, Lee RT. Correction: Adipocyte arrestin domain-containing 3 protein (Arrdc3) regulates uncoupling protein 1 (Ucp1) expression in white adipose independently of canonical changes in ß-adrenergic receptor signaling. PLoS One. 2017; 12(7):e0181492. PMID: 28700749.
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  2. Carroll SH, Zhang E, Wang BF, LeClair KB, Rahman A, Cohen DE, Plutzky J, Patwari P, Lee RT. Adipocyte arrestin domain-containing 3 protein (Arrdc3) regulates uncoupling protein 1 (Ucp1) expression in white adipose independently of canonical changes in ß-adrenergic receptor signaling. PLoS One. 2017; 12(3):e0173823. PMID: 28291835.
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  3. Zhang H, Plutzky J, Shubina M, Turchin A. Risk factors for lack of statin therapy in patients with diabetes and coronary artery disease. J Clin Lipidol. 2016 Nov - Dec; 10(6):1406-1413. PMID: 27919358.
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