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Kristen T. Leeman, M.D.

Co-Authors (38)

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Number of
Co-Author Score Why?
Sarah Uhler Morton, M.D.,Ph.D.202132.780 Why?
Carla Kim, Ph.D.201961.770 Why?
Matthew Lin, M.D.202121.030 Why?
Patricia Davenport, M.D.202121.010 Why?
Monica Wojcik, M.D.202110.990 Why?
Anne Hansen, M.D.201910.820 Why?
Henry Arthur Feldman, Ph.D.202130.690 Why?
Pankaj B. Agrawal, M.D., M.B.,B.S.201410.590 Why?
Helen A. Christou, M.D.201630.560 Why?
Martha C. Sola-Visner, M.D.202120.460 Why?
Richard Barry Parad, M.D.201420.290 Why?
Tierney Morrison, M.D.202110.240 Why?
Paola Alejandra Barrero-Castillero, M.D.202010.230 Why?
John Nagi Kheir, M.D.201810.200 Why?
Olaf Bodamer, Ph.D., M.D.201710.190 Why?
Mersedeh Rohanizadegan, M.D.201710.190 Why?
Alicia M H Casey, M.D.201410.150 Why?
Meera Subramaniam, M.D.201410.150 Why?
Joan Marilyn Stoler, M.D.201410.150 Why?
Sailaja Ghanta, M.D.201310.140 Why?
Dara D. Brodsky, M.D.201420.070 Why?
Ravikiran Muppala Raju202010.060 Why?
Emily Marie Herzberg, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Yarden Fraiman, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Madeline L Keyes, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Kristyn Beam, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Anna Duncan, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Anne Sullivan, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Kristin Leone, M.D.202010.060 Why?
Anne O'Donnell Luria, M.D., Ph.D.201710.050 Why?
Christina Y. Hung, M.D.201710.050 Why?
Roderick Terry Bronson, D.V.M.201410.040 Why?
Lucian Radu Chirieac, M.D.201410.040 Why?
Thorsten M. Schlaeger, Ph.D.201410.040 Why?
Marcia C. Haigis, Ph.D.201410.040 Why?
Lynette Marie Sholl, M.D.201410.040 Why?
Stella Kourembanas, M.D.201210.030 Why?
Laura E. Fredenburgh, M.D.,C.M.201210.030 Why?
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