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profileEmmanuel Buys, Ph.D.

TitleLecturer on Ophthalmology, Part-time
InstitutionMassachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
AddressMassachusetts General Hospital, Thier 505, GRJ4
Anesthesia Ctr for Critical Care Res, DACCPM
55 Fruit St
Boston MA 02114
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R01EY022746     (BUYS, EMMANUEL S)Sep 15, 2012 - Aug 31, 2017
Role of Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Alpha 1 in Open Angle Glaucoma
Role: Principal Investigator

R21EY020987     (BUYS, EMMANUEL S)Jan 1, 2011 - Dec 31, 2012
sGCa1-deficient mice: a novel murine model of elevated IOP and glaucoma
Role: Principal Investigator

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  1. Muenster S, Lieb WS, Fabry G, Allen KN, Kamat SS, Guy AH, Dordea AC, Teixeira L, Tainsh RE, Yu B, Zhu W, Ashpole NE, Malhotra R, Brouckaert P, Bloch DB, Scherrer-Crosbie M, Stamer WD, Kuehn MH, Pasquale LR, Buys ES. The Ability of Nitric Oxide to Lower Intraocular Pressure Is Dependent on Guanylyl Cyclase. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017 Sep 01; 58(11):4826-4835. PMID: 28973329.
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  2. Nagasaka Y, Wepler M, Thoonen R, Sips PY, Allen K, Graw JA, Yao V, Burns SM, Muenster S, Brouckaert P, Miller K, Solt K, Buys ES, Ichinose F, Zapol WM. Sensitivity to Sevoflurane anesthesia is decreased in mice with a congenital deletion of Guanylyl Cyclase-1 alpha. BMC Anesthesiol. 2017 06 14; 17(1):76. PMID: 28615047.
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  3. Graw JA, Yu B, Rezoagli E, Warren HS, Buys ES, Bloch DB, Zapol WM. Endothelial dysfunction inhibits the ability of haptoglobin to prevent hemoglobin-induced hypertension. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2017 Jun 01; 312(6):H1120-H1127. PMID: 28314763.
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  4. Decaluwé K, Pauwels B, Boydens C, Thoonen R, Buys ES, Brouckaert P, Van de Voorde J. Erectile Dysfunction in Heme-Deficient Nitric Oxide-Unresponsive Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Knock-In Mice. J Sex Med. 2017 Feb; 14(2):196-204. PMID: 28161078.
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  5. Hobai IA, Aziz K, Buys ES, Brouckaert P, Siwik DA, Colucci WS. Distinct Myocardial Mechanisms Underlie Cardiac Dysfunction in Endotoxemic Male and Female Mice. Shock. 2016 Dec; 46(6):713-722. PMID: 27405063.
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  6. Wepler M, Beloiartsev A, Buswell MD, Panigrahy D, Malhotra R, Buys ES, Radermacher P, Ichinose F, Bloch DB, Zapol WM. Soluble epoxide hydrolase deficiency or inhibition enhances murine hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction after lipopolysaccharide challenge. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2016 Dec 01; 311(6):L1213-L1221. PMID: 27815261.
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  8. Moon Y, Cao Y, Zhu J, Xu Y, Balkan W, Buys ES, Diaz F, Kerrick WG, Hare JM, Percival JM. GSNOR Deficiency Enhances In Situ Skeletal Muscle Strength, Fatigue Resistance, and RyR1 S-Nitrosylation Without Impacting Mitochondrial Content and Activity. Antioxid Redox Signal. 2017 Feb 01; 26(4):165-181. PMID: 27412893.
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  9. Moon Y, Balke JE, Madorma D, Siegel MP, Knowels G, Brouckaert P, Buys ES, Marcinek DJ, Percival JM. Nitric Oxide Regulates Skeletal Muscle Fatigue, Fiber Type, Microtubule Organization, and Mitochondrial ATP Synthesis Efficiency Through cGMP-Dependent Mechanisms. Antioxid Redox Signal. 2017 Jun 10; 26(17):966-985. PMID: 27393340.
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