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Donald Sungchul Bae, M.D.

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Number of
Co-Author Score Why?
Peter Michael Waters, M.D.20218515.110 Why?
Benjamin Joel Shore, M.D.2022143.480 Why?
Andrea Sesko Bauer, M.D.2020112.060 Why?
Susan Thayer Mahan, M.D.202051.540 Why?
Benton Heyworth, M.D.202161.480 Why?
Carley Vuillermin, M.B.,B.S.202081.180 Why?
Mininder S. Kocher, M.D.2021141.170 Why?
David Zurakowski, Ph.D.201681.100 Why?
Evan Tongji Zheng, M.D.202020.960 Why?
Mark Clyde Gebhardt, M.D.201420.920 Why?
Lyle Joseph Micheli, M.D.201650.550 Why?
Daniel J. Hedequist, M.D.202050.460 Why?
Dennis Kramer, M.D.201940.410 Why?
Eitan Ingall, M.D.202020.400 Why?
Amir H Taghinia, M.D.201630.360 Why?
Laura Elisabeth Dichtel, M.D.200720.340 Why?
Christian Edward Sampson, M.D.200510.320 Why?
Carol Barnewolt, M.D.201720.290 Why?
M. Timothy Hresko, M.D.201330.290 Why?
Julian Joseph Pribaz, M.B.,B.S.200310.270 Why?
Brian Dale Snyder, Ph.D., M.D.201840.260 Why?
Brian Ian Labow, M.D.201630.230 Why?
George Sinclair Mitchell Dyer, M.D.201720.220 Why?
Sarah Dantzler Bixby, M.D.201910.210 Why?
Andrea Stracciolini, M.D.201810.200 Why?
Kyle Eberlin, M.D.201620.190 Why?
Arvind G Von Keudell, M.D.201510.160 Why?
Peter Howard Weinstock, M.D., Ph.D.201510.160 Why?
Peter Andrija Nigrovic, M.D.201510.150 Why?
Joseph A. Majzoub, M.D.199930.140 Why?
John Young-Yul Kwon, M.D.201310.140 Why?
Emily Reiff, M.D.202020.130 Why?
Jeremy Taylor Smith, M.D.201010.110 Why?
Brandon Elizabeth Earp, M.D.200910.100 Why?
Richard David Scott, M.D.200410.070 Why?
Donna Lynn Nimec, M.D.200410.070 Why?
Collin J May, M.D.202010.050 Why?
James R. Kasser, M.D.201220.050 Why?
William Meehan III, M.D.201810.050 Why?
Pierre A. D'Hemecourt, M.D.201810.050 Why?
Elena Losina, Ph.D.201710.050 Why?
Abhiram Ramaswamy Bhashyam, M.D.201710.050 Why?
Paul Timothy Appleton, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Michael John Weaver, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Jesse Bernard Jupiter, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Marilyn Mei-See Heng, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Michael James Callahan, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Sara Oakes Vargas, M.D.201510.040 Why?
Lynne Roberta Ferrari, M.D.201410.040 Why?
Mark Edward Alexander, M.D.201410.040 Why?
Yi-Meng Yen, M.D., Ph.D.201110.030 Why?
Michael Brian Millis, M.D.200710.020 Why?
Travis Hewett Matheney, M.D.200710.020 Why?
John Barker Emans II, M.D.200710.020 Why?
Young-Jo Kim, M.D., Ph.D.200710.020 Why?
Martha Murray, M.D.200710.020 Why?
Lawrence I. Karlin, M.D.200710.020 Why?
Christina Elaine Luedke, M.D., Ph.D.199710.010 Why?
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